V3+ cam plus is non-refundable

Hey all ,
Just thought I’d give you the heads up. If you buy a v3 bundled with cam plus, you can not cancel the subscription to receive a refund for the $15 camplus subscription. I read a couple posts here and saw a YouTube video where others had done it, so I tried. I used the cam plus code, then clicked cancel. I contacted wyze support to receive the $14.99 refund, but the response I received from them was the following:

“I completely understand that you would want to get a refund of the Cam Plus subscription included in your Wyze Cam V3. Unfortunately, all v3+cam plus bundles are non-refundable. our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.”

They then offered to re-credit the $14.99 back to my account so I can use cam plus again.

Kind of a bummer , but understandable.

Well I’m with Wyze on this because everyone would do that just to get there hands on the new v3 I’m sure Wyze did refund at first but then they saw what people were doing that and they caught on lol

I think Wyze is right on this. A bundle must remain a bundle.
However, if you subscribed CamPlus first, you are entitled to buy the cameras unbundled, in which case you can then cancel your CamPlus any time.

I agree with Wyze on this one. I added Cam plus to one of my camera then I was able to buy 5 unbundled cameras. Buying the bundle then getting a refund on the Cam plus part is kinda cheating the system.