Want to get cam plus unlimited, but what about existing subscriptions?

Just paid cam plus x5 in Jan for one year. And I am interested in cam plus unlimited because I am adding more cams. Can I get the current cam plus subscription partially refunded if I purchase cam plus unlimited? I don’t want to have 2 subscriptions side by side and one of them is not doing anything.

Wyze CSS keeps saying it’s not refundable, but people on reddit are getting their credit back after switching to cam plus unlimited. Who is lying?

Since you just bought them in January and those would be under the new subscription platform, no, not refundable.

Wyze changed their Subscription Tracking Platform Service Provider last year. The old platform service provider allowed for immediate pro-rated refund of early cancelled subscriptions if you purchased them directly from Wyze. If you purchased them from the in App “Store”, those are actually being purchased from and processed by the Apple\iOS App Store and have never been refundable.

Because older subscriptions that were purchased under the old platform were not transitioned over to the new platform and have yet to be renewed, there are legacy subscriptions out there that are still subject to the old refund terms. But, time is running out. Those will be transitioned to the new platform upon renewal.

Under the new Subscription Tracking Service Provider Platform, all subscriptions are non-refundable no matter when you cancel them. If you purchase the Unlimited Subscription it will begin its term on the purchase date. The old subscriptions will only be terminated when you cancel them thru your account (Depending on how you purchased them) and will end on the termination date. You could terminate them now or wait until just before they renew.

I recommend ONLY buying subscriptions direct from Wyze at services.wyze.com. They are MUCH easier to deal with when something goes wrong, it is MUCH easier to add cams to subscriptions, and they aren’t as militant about getting things changed when necessity dictates it.

Depending on the number of cams you are adding, you will have to weigh the differential cost of adding those cams to your existing subscription (not buying new subs) so they all expire in January versus scrapping the remaining 9 or 10 months paid in favor of an Unlimited subscription now.

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