No refund. Wtf

Can someone please tell me if wyze can do this. I recently pull the trigger and purchased a subscription (2 months ago). And now they wont refund my money. I cancel because to no fault of my own. The service does not work for me and from what I’ve read on forums others as well. Can they do this? Force us to have a service that does not work. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know the details of your situation, but the no refunds on subscription is generally a true statement.

  • Can you explain how it is not working? What part of it is not working? On what camera? Can you not assign the license to any camera? Will it not upload events? Does it say uploaded events have a problem or error and what error is it? Detections aren’t working at all or not the way you want? What kind of not working? Can you describe the problem better?
  • What camera model?
  • Did you order the yearly plan?
  • Did you purchase it through the app or the website?

This is just a technicality…but they will let you “Cancel” the service if you really want to…you just generally won’t get a refund for it, so it is generally suggested that you might as well keep it.

I won’t say refunds are impossible or that they never happen particularly if there is a substantiated issue that definitely isn’t your fault. This is why I asked if you can explain the issue in greater detail. Someone who is just dissatisfied and changed their mind definitely doesn’t get a refund, but there are some potential rare exception situations that could qualify for discretion. You said it is no fault of your own, so if you could describe that in more detail we might be able to provide a better answer about whether there is something more you could do.

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Well if you must know. Where do Start.
The app: not able to manage the subscription because nothing pops up to show what camera is linked. All i see when i go to account, subscription is that i have a unlimited 1 year subscription.
The web: where do i begin. Account tab: Only able to see which cam is linked. Which as of today most of my cameras are linked without my permission. That in itself is a violation of privacy. Event tap: able to see recorded motion. Thats it. Cant do anything else. No download, no delete, nothing. I’ve talked to customer service and from what they say im shiet out ok luck and im stuck with a product that i dont want because it dont work which i add is no fault of my own. I just recently subscribed to the 1 year unlimited because it was on sale. February to be exact. I use to be a fan of wyze but after this im gonna take it all down and go with something else. That is if they dont get this issue fix soon. Im sure I left something out but thats about sums it up.

Well, that’s a new one - so I looked, and sure enough. On the phone I get this:

So I go to the web site and as you said, only get a list of my cameras that are on my CamPlus Unlimited. Can’t do anything with them. The only thing that mentioned adding were three cameras that are shared with my (in other words, not mine) that it says I can’t add them (duh!).

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I’ve been complaining about this for quite some time:

I have the same damn problem no refund and now they have blocked my ability to download other apps because of pending charges and I refuse to pay I never renewed that damn cam pkus

Within days of signing up from Cam Plus to cam Plus Unlimited, my 6 cameras would no longer send detection notifications. I followed all of their troubleshooting instructions with no results. They asked I send in logs, then I get this:

“…please be aware that these logs are not accessible or monitored by our support team at this time. We are actively working on implementing a process to track these logs, although it’s still a work in progress.”

I too tried to get a refund…no deal, even though the system isn’t working properly. I imagine it will be a “Work in progress”forever. Perhaps we should contact the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.

why didn’t you try chargeback?

I agree something definitely needs to be done. Lawsuit? Petition? Anything. This has to stop.