Not refunded on Cam Plus

To say I’m upset is an understatement. On January 26, 2022 I purchased yearly sub to 8 cams. Then 2/21/2022 I bought 2 more subs for Cam Plus. During that time I acquired WCO2 and 2 of my cams bricked and so Cam Plus on 4 were no longer needed (by me). So I went to the website to cancel, which is how I subscribed to begin with and not through Apple. That was May 28, 2022 I cancelled 4 yearly subs. 2 of them leaving me 8 months refund and 2 leaving me 9 months. Not one email of sorry to see you go, and as of today June 4 2022 I still have not received my refund. Five phone calls to Customer Service, each rep hanging up on me or losing connection and not calling back I get more and more frustrated. I was told by last rep that I had $13 something refunded but then she hung up. I needed a date it was refunded but considering the very rude and unprofessionalism of Customer Service and the run around I am getting nowhere. I am looking on my bank statement online which is updated each transaction and not one single refund from Wyze came through. Can someone with a bit of clout looking into this for me since I don’t have 8 hours a day trying to get through to phone support? I really hate to sound mean but if this isn’t resolved I will have to report to the FTC. I have looked through all bank records and not once have I shown a refund from Wyze this year. I don’t like paying for services that I no longer use. Please resolve this soon before I have to take other steps to fix this. Thank you.

@WyzeGwendolyn I need some help/assistance with this one. And I never even got the email when I cancelled for CS to look at. Ticket # 2114629, I hate having to dispute this with my bank but bank and I both can verify the so called refund was never refunded.

When you cancelled your subscriptions on the Wyze Website from within your account, it should have logged an automatic transaction within your account history. You can retrieve and print these transactions for your records to provide to Wyze as proof of cancellations.

Within, My Account, all the way at the bottom where it shows Billing, click View All.

Then, go to the date of that cancellation transaction and you will see the transaction number, posted date, status, total, and download.

Click View beside download and it will download the PDF invoice for you to view. It will have your cancellation transaction #, transaction date, the refund transaction #, the date of the refund, and the credit card to which it was posted. I cancelled 3 CPL licenses on March 10th, 2022. It looks like this:


If the transaction is not in the list and unable to be downloaded, it probably wasn’t cancelled and the transaction never processed. Check in the main Services page to be sure your CPL license numbers are correct.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

It never cancelled. Finally someone got back to me and noticed that so they issued a credit and the bank confirmed that it will be in my account sometime this week.

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I am glad you got resolution! I had a suspicion that might have been the case, that’s why I added the last paragraph.

Ok just looked. It wasn’t totally refunded. They won’t refund me the other 3 of the 4 I cancelled. so sadly I’ll have to take up and dispute with my bank on this.

When cancelling subscriptions, they will only refund the prorated unused portion of the subscription period.

If you go into your account and cancel the subs, you will still get the prorated refund and will only be out of pocket for like 9 days. Not really that much.

Right but I still had 8 months unused on 4 different cams. And as I stated, they never refunded me like they said. My bank has proof that there was no refund. If I cancel a yearly on 4 cams and am only 3 months in on the yearly sub then I should get something back. And regardless if 1 cent or $15 I still should have got something. They lied by claiming they refunded the money to my bank debit card and like I just stated, they never did. All they did was take money out of my card. I never purchased through the app because I know that Apple charges more and doesn’t give the money to Wyze.

Yes. When you cancel a subscription, you get the remaining unused portion of the subscription fee refunded. But, in your own words, it never cancelled.:point_up:

If they credited you for one, they probably only cancelled one. The other 3 are probably still there.

Wyze is by and large set up for self service. If you go into your account and see these subscriptions still on the account, cancel them and get the refund. If you don’t see them, then you will need to contact customer service. Since you never got the refund for the remaining 3 (provided they did indeed cancel them), the dispute is with Wyze, not your bank.

Disputing with Wyze does no good. And the other day after getting off the phone they tried to take another $100 out of my account. What??? Am I supposed to just let them take money out when they should be putting back in? I don’t think so.

Dispute it or don’t, call the toll free number or don’t.

I tend to take the initiative and use the self service that is in place to be proactive with my account. That’s why it is there any time I want to log in and manage my many subscriptions. I have yet to have the need to contact Wyze to fix my account.

In any case, this is not a Wyze Customer Support Forum. You will not find any Wyze Customer Support here to fix it. The only Wyze employees on the forum are Digital Media Managers and Developers fixing reported software and firmware bugs.

This is a user to user discussion and help forum. I have provided you all the help and advice I can.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

You do know forum mavens come on here and they can indeed get things done much faster right? I was hoping a maven would have seen this post.

I am aware of this. I converse with them regularly. Great resource here. But, the Moderators probably have more ability to contact Wyze for assistance.

If you need to get their attention, rather than waiting and hoping they read the post, all you have to do is send up the Bat :bat: Signal:



I will see if I can get this escalated for you. Quick question, the following ticket number you provided, is that the latest one?

This is what you provided earlier in the thread: 2114629


Looks like it has been escalated already.


Ok thanks. I’m also not getting emails on these tickets so not sure what is going on with that.

Make sure to check the spam or junk mail folders on the off chance they got scooped up and sent there. I also don’t see some emails as my gmail “social” or “promotions” categories hide some wyze stuff.

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