Annual Cam Plus Subscription Disappeared

Was paying for cam plus monthly. Got an email at the end of January for a promo for annual cam plus at $89. I purchased and did not realize it would not over ride my monthly (never stated anything about it?!) - Feb 1 I purchased the annual. Feb 11 I got billed for monthly. Contacted customer service who was very rude stating that they could not refund me for a cancelled service. I explained I never cancelled I upgraded! I didn’t realize it wouldn’t override one of my subscriptions.

Now, I just realized that none of my cameras are hooked up to my cam plus and never probably was & it doesn’t show I have a subscription in the app but you can see that I purchased it on the browser… Where do I go from here? I have been a long standing customer of Wyze for years and I have a bad taste in my mouth now. I had to fight to finally get a refund of $8 - am I completely out of $89?! How does this get fixed? And furthermore searching the form this seems to be an ongoing issue for many and WHY is this even being allowed to happen?!


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How did you pay for the annual? With apple pay or another form? Is the email associated with the payment form the same as your Wyze account email address? What is your Support ticket number?

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I paid via a credit card - not apple pay. And yes the email is the same. There is nothing I did not wrong on my end. It’s all on Wyze. My ticket number is 1347531

I’m so saddened to read how awful their customer service is. I’ve been a long time customer and this is the first time since I’ve had issues and I just cannot believe how they treat people.

That appears to be an app log number. Do you have a Support ticket number?

I guess I am not sure the difference. I submitted a ticket and that is the number. I did just live chat with someone and this is the live chat ticket number that came to me via email 3731874

An app log is a way to submit diagnostic information via the app from your Wyze devices for the devs or engineers to comb through and diagnose software/hardware issues.

A Support ticket number is a number associating an interaction with Wyze Support for tracking purposes.

That second number does appear in the series that Support numbers are. How did that interaction go? Any resolution?

Chat rep said there was nothing she could do. And that someone else would have to handle it. From the posts on here I’m not to hopeful it will be resolved. Very frustrating.


This customer service is a JOKE. They’re now saying my payment never went through and I actually didn’t pay for the subscription. Wildly inaccurate information. Wyze account in browser shows paid and fulfilled. And my Wells Fargo card shows that it was absolutely posted and paid for.

I’m appalled at how AWFUL this company is to long standing customers.

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Can you guys like I don’t know, help? Because I’m about done with this crap.

More proof this company is a joke. Tried to gas light me into saying I never paid for the subscription. But now they say I have paid for it (yeah duh !!! )

The people who own this company should be absolutely embarassed.

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I have escalated the support ticket number you posted above on up the ladder for a second look. Sorry this issue is happening!

Can you verify that the Cam Plus Unlimited has been applied to your account?


It has. But after all of this I want a full refund and I’m not using Wyze anymore. I’m not going through this stuff another time. Nope.

The rep said she would give me a full refund in the last email. I replied and accepted the offer. So far no reply from them.

They just lost a customer from how they’ve treated me twice the past 2 months.

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checking internally and will report back here

Now “Amanda” is saying she can’t refund me even tho the last rep offered the refund.

And no one has offered to rectify paying me back for February because cam plus wasn’t attached then so I lost a month.

You guys are a hot mess

You can’t offer a refund then take it back. Wow just WOW!

Oh yay! They finally refunded me. Now I can get rid of this trash company. If anyone reads here choose a different brand of cameras. As someone who recommended Wyze to tons of people and has been a customer for years to be treated like this is is unacceptable.

Soon this company will most definitely have a class action lawsuit if it’s not already in the works.

Thanks for sharing your interactions with Wyze customer service.

I had similar issues with a wireless phone provider that I no longer deal with because it was almost monthly that they would overcharge me because of system issues.

Needless to say I left the company after 4 consecutive months of spending at least a few hours on the phone after getting my bill, and having to explain everything to 2 or 3 different agents each time. It was exactly the same issue that they assured me was fixed and all the notes were clearly recorded in the system in case there were further issues. But each time I called they couldn’t see any of the previous notes.

I switched to a different provider and it was night and day. I ended up switching my family and employees over at the end of the contracts and it’s been smooth sailing.

I chose Wyze over Ring for the 24/7 SD Card recording. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the doorbell V2 in Canada so I haven’t made the full switch and annual sub. I was planning to not renew my ring plan next month, but it doesn’t look like the v2 will be available before then so I’ll have to renew my ring sub