Yearly Cam Plus subscription disappeared, Support tells me i need to purchase a new subscription


I purchased a yearly subscription for 4 cameras in April of 2023. It was supposed to expire in April 2024 but has conveniently stopped two days ago when i am out of town.

I emailed support on two seperate tickets and i got the same copy and paste statement from someone named “tanvi”, on both tickets, about how i basically am out of luck and need to purchase a new subscription.

This is the only service i have where if you “cancel” the subscription, they remove the service from your acount even if you have paid for a whole year. I DID NOT EVEN CANCEL IT.

I have been a wyze customer for over 4 years and even through all the compromises i still had nothing really negative to say about the prduct or services i have received.

These will at least now make great local cameras as we consider new devices where this sort of incident will never happen. I would upload my invoice as an attachment but apparently i am a new user here LOL

Can you provide the ticket numbers here.

I will see if we can get some eyes on this for you.


Hi Spamoni,

Thank you for your response…

Here are the tickets

Wyze Ticket 3578603
Wyze Ticket 3577011

Here is my invoice number as well for the Cam Plus 4-license Bundle - Annual




Hi Spamoni,

Just curious if you have any information on this? I am still without the service I have paid for…

Thank you

Let me check and see. As a volunteer, I can only report and try, but will see.

I appreciate your effort in helping me with this!

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Hi @WyzeMatt ,

I saw your contact on another thread, would you be able to assist with this issue i have?

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Hi all,

Thank you for your help with this.

I have been made whole by receiving a partial refund for the subscription that was cancelled.


Thats great news. Glad it worked out

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Stoked to hear that.