Cam Plus Subscription Problem

I purchased a one year Cam Plus subscription for my office cam v3 and i stopped getting videos events. The app indicates that I don’t have a Cam Plus subscription so I can’t assign it to my cam. As a test I tried to subscribe again and it tells me the subscription will start when the existing subscription ends in 3/2023. I called customer support to clear up the problem and was told by a very impatient associate that I could get it addressed by submitting a service request usung the link in the email he would send me. I never received the email and thus need to start all over again. I’m not happy with Wyze right now!

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I am sorry you had this experience, did customer support give you a ticket number by chance, or do you recall who you talked to?

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately I did not get the support rep’s name as he was to send an email with all the pertinent info which I never received. I still have the problem of having a Cam Plus subscription which is not recognized by my app. If I try to sign up again (which I don’t think I should have to do) it tells me that the new subscription will start 3/2023 after the current subscription ends. I have the latest version of the app and have logged out and back into the app with no change. The camera is currently useless to me. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am sorry that has happened, without a ticket number it is hard for me to escalate the issue. The things I would verify are:

  1. Did you originally sign up for Cam Plus using the same email you use for the app.
  2. If you log in at, what does it show as far as a Cam Plus subscription there.
  3. If you see the subscription on and you have not been able to apply it to the camera can you post screen shots of what you see in the app under Cam Plus and also verify the exact app version and firmware version of the camera.
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I am having a similar problem.
I paid for a Wyze Cam Plus subscription on the website.
The subscription is not showing in the app (confirmed same email address)
I went to the service website you mentioned above and my subscription is not showing there either
I see the subscription in my account online and received a confirmation email


When you say you see the subscription in your account online, where are you looking at?

Hi @WyzeJasonJ ! Thank you for the quick reply.

I gave up at called customer service today and got it figured out after 30 minutes on the phone.

Thank you!

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Thank you for following up and letting me know you got it taken care of

I am facing the same issue. Cam plus subscription charges have been deducted. But it is not active in app

Can someone please help me.

Perhaps more than one email accounts were used?

No, same email ID is used for subscription and account login. But still subscription doesn’t work