Subscription issue

Dear All,

I am having subscription of Cam Plus till coming dec 2024 but while looging back to my app it is showing that I have no purchase , & if I want to purchase again it shows me that I have a subscription …

Please let me know what do I do ?


Lokesh Mathur

@WyzeDesmond @WyzeJasonJ Can you please check into this issue … I have logged in through

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Did you go to Account Tab → Services ? What does it show there?

You can also go to and check there.

Have you contacted support yet?

Even most of the employees usually need you to go through support first and get a support ticket number. Then if Support can’t figure it out, they can use that ticket number to check things out in more detail if needed.

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@carverofchoice In the services it is not showing anything as no subscription ,

However When I retried to get the subscription as I thought that its fine to get an another one … it is showing me following error that my subscription is valid till Dec this year

Following support link is not working as I might tryig this from India … can you please suggest further

My apologies, you’re right, Wyze has a special support dedicated to global users outside North America and I didn’t notice you were in India.

As I recall, global support is email only. I tried searching for the global support email address but couldn’t find it. Even on everything seemed to be options for the North American support. I’m headed to bed right this minute, so I’ll look more when I get up if someone else doesn’t chime in before then. If it were me though, I’d just send an email to and they’ll either help you or get you directed to the global specialists.

Just out of curiosity, did you order the subscription from the app or the website? I’m guessing through the app? If so, you could also try asking Apple support about it too because technically app subscription purchases all go through Apple and it’s possible they’re part of the screw up Since they demand to maintain control over all subscriptions that are purchased through the app.

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Thanks Caver for the prompt revert!

Yes I purchased it through app … I emaild to support @ways as well & will try to connect with apple support also for this issue …

Please revert if you found something similer in your past which can expedite this concern…