Online and Telephone Support re Subscription Order/Payment Info

Dearest Wyze,

wyze subscription attempts 7-2022

I would love to give you some money but your web site will not let me (see photo), your online chat is woefully inadequate, and your telephone support person has hung up on me twice now in the middle of our support call.

I already know I do NOT want to purchase a subscription via the Apple App after seeing (1) it’s over $20 more per year and that, if I want to cancel that subscription, Apple is not on the same page with the Wyze company.

So…can someone please help me log into my account and purchase an ongoing annual subscription of Cam Plus for four cameras?

Pretty please?

I had this happen to me as well. For me it was both a CC issue and a Wyze issue.

My bank issued me a new CC with different expiration and CV (CC problem).

I tried to update the CC in my Wyze payment profile, but the UI in the web wouldn’t update it. (Wyze problem)

I reentered my CC into my account and added it again as a new payment default. It then went thru fine.

Hope this helps!

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I appreciate your input.

I will try again today.

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Thanks so much - again - for your input. I tried again with a different card and it looks like it went through finally!


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You are welcome! Glad it worked.