Cam plus subscription active but cannot be linked

Cam plus subscription lost after I changed email address on my account. Contacted Wyze support multiple times and informed me that subscription cannot be transferred once email is changed on my account. Same camera, changed email on my account and cannot access cam plus.

Okay, Wyze said too bad, cancel subscription and repurchase, so selfish but I did and now darn thing says new subscription starts when the old subscription expires next year.

Wyze is truely incompetent. If you are going to offer a service, you should be able to apply a service that is associated to the registered camera not an email address. This is absurd

Hello @Cl12890

I am sorry this happened and I hope we can get it resolved. Do you happen to have the ticket number from when you contacted support so I can have this looked into?

Ticket number 3569931. Thank you so much. So frustrated. Been dealing with Wyze customer service for the past month and still no resolution.

My subscription is canceled but it remains active until 10/14/24. Even if I repurchase, cam plus does not show up on app to link the camera

Let me get this ticket number sent up and see what I can find out.


Agreed about being incompetent. I am going thru the same thing now. Wyze apparently does not have any backend for their apps, to change your email address. They actually went so far as to blame me for changing my email to a new address as my problem . Wyze sets up device accounts by email address and not buy a registered user name.
They just said delete your account and lose your subscriptions and repurchase them again.
WTF give a credit or something,

Still no resolution from Wyze. Waiting for the camera to break, so I can replace with different system. I’m sure Wyze cameras don’t last