Cam plus on wrong email

I have two wyze email logins - one for the stuff I buy and one for my own services and app. That way, I can buy wyze stuff for other people.

But I recently discovered I had been paying for my wyze cam subscriptions one Cam Lite and one Cam Plus with my wrong email.

Is there any type of transfer option to move it to my app account?

It’s an annoying mistake so I’m hoping I can rectify it.

Hey, @carverofchoice, do you know if this is possible?

I remember awhile back there was no way to transfer because the email WAS the user info/acct info, but not sure if this is still the case for services?


Contact support and explain the situation. Then check back and let us know.

If Support isn’t able to help resolve this, One of us can make someone else aware of the situation. We are supposed to limit doing that until after you’ve first given the official channels a chance to resolve the issue though. So try support first and let us know the outcome. :+1:


Thanks for the reply.

This makes sense that the email is the acct. . I’m not mad about it. I apparently wasn’t paying attention and my 2 account genius system seems to have been too smart for me!

I find chat bot support the least satisfying support. I understand it is ubiquitous but just registering my distaste for it. I did try that right away but naturally I did not ask the questions well enough for the expert system to answer me. I see no way to send a simple email. Might be there. Didn’t see it.

Bot says - no transfer; cancel; then, reenlist in service. Naturally this voids any “deal” you had signed up for.

Satisfied? Meh. It’s fine.

Use the WYZE Support phone 206-339-9646