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So i didnt realize i had 2 factor authentication active and changed my phone. When i did this i ended up locked out of my account. When i contacted support about this they told me they couldnt help me that i have to create a new account. So i did. Then i contacted them again because i to transfer my yearly subscription for 3 camerasbwhich i had just purchased and paid $60 dollars to receive. When i talked to them they tol me "Sorry for the inconvenience but you have to cancel that subscription and pay for another one which would then cost me another $60 for a total of $120. Thats is out of line and outrageous. I would like to see this issue resolved because im going find a new service to use other than wyze altogether if not

Could you have possibly saved the recovery code anywhere like it instructs us to when we set it up?
I assume you also had it tied to your email account. I thought Wyze was supposed to have a way to send us a recovery key through our email if needed. Maybe that hasn’t been created yet. I’ll have to see if I can find out anything about that.


You’re not alone there I do remember this being mentioned. I just don’t remember under what channels it came


I set up the original account when I was still :new: to the app and :camera: and really didn’t know what I was doing with any of it.:man_shrugging: I don’t even remember it ever giving me a code or key or anything. But I do know that I’ve only had the annual subscription for 3 cameras :arrow_right:($60):arrow_left: for about 4 days now and when I talked with support she told me that there’s nothing they can do for me that my :moneybag: isn’t refundable and that I’m just going to have to pay for the subscription again.

You don’t mention what model cameras you have. If they are v3 or older would Cam Plus Lite work for you? You can name your own price including Zero. If this happens in the future and you are charged twice 2 x 0 = 0.

I just had a new camera so i added another camera to my subsciption for services. I did 2 devices. They cancelled my previous subsciption without my interventiom
And then charged me for 2 devices only until my previous subsciption end date (3months). So essentially i lost the remainer of my 1 year subsciption and lost 9 months of a 1 year subsciption. After numerous contact with them they said since i ordered from THEIR app, there is nothing they can do. Im not a happy customer

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A couple questions…

You stated that you added a cam to your existing subscription and went to Two cams. So you previously had one cam on your Annual subscription?

How did you add the new cam to the subscription? From the Wyze website or from the Android Google Play Store?

You stated your previous Cam Plus subscription was cancelled with only 3 months remaining. So you lost that 3 months. When the new subscription was charged, did they charge you the full annual amount on each cam but then only enable that new two cam subscription for 3 months in each cam? Essentially loosing 9 months of paid subscription on each cam?

Do you have a ticket number that would have been emailed to you from your discussion with Customer Service?

Yes, I had 1 camera subscription. I purchased a 2 camera subscription and my original subscription went away. I did everthing within the wyze app (android). I was told that was the mistake as wyze has no control over that and it all falls to google. I anticipated the safest way would be in the app. live and learn. so now what i show after my most recent purchase of 39.99 is that it will be due in May 2023. I am just guessing that this is the date of my 1st subscription maybe. who knows. so the only thing i could do is remove all my credit card information so that it cannot be charged again. I worked with 3 different customer service agents (1 was supposed to be a supervisor) and all 3 said it is an issue i have to deal with google on it. My point was that i bought thru wyze app and am receiving zero help to resolve it with wyze. hence removing my credit information so no further charges will be incurred. I have tons of wyze products so not like i am a newbie with it all. live and learn…

As unfortunate as it is, Google Play Store (and the Apple Play Store) is quite militant about getting their piece of the pie from in app purchases. I don’t know why, but that is the way they operate. Since the beginning, I have always avoided the in app store and only ordered thru the website specifically because of the subscription ownership challenges.

Perhaps there was an issue created when you purchased a new 2 cam subscription in the app rather than adding a new cam to the existing subscription thru the Services UI.

My only suggestion to you would be to contact the Google Play Store directly and lodge a complaint. I know that they won’t offer a partial refund for subscriptions cancelled early, nor will Wyze, but the new 2 cam subscription should have a full 12 month term starting from the purchase date.

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