Not so Easy or Wyze to switch

Cam plus lite scripts ?

I finally switched to the unlimited plan.
I missed my discount coupon ($10 off ?).
I then cancelled all my other cam plans, last month.

Ok, lost money, in various subscriptions, that’s on me .
But to see a charge for the cancelled " Cam Lite Service) ???

That Gauls to no end !

I then tried automated support. Answered a slew of, questions / prompts, added attachments n told my story. Typed it in, nice n neat.

Pressed “Submit”.
Then I saw it all, spin n spin, for mins ?
Just like water, going down the drain.

Then I got the, “Coup d’ Grace”, with a message.
“Could not be processed at this time” !

I will not be having any of this.

If my payments over the years, went down “smooth like silk”!
So should the cancellation, process !

Good Grief Wyze !

Let me see if I can get some eyes on this for you

DM me your email address and I’ll get this sorted out on our end.