Unknown subscription charges

Anyone having unauthorized subscriptions? I signed up for a single cam annual subscription for 19.99 and just a few days later im getting billed for 29.98 on top of the single cam, assuming its a dual cam subscription, im reviewing my services and I only have one active service which is the single cam. I called customer support, couldn’t really hear the rep well, sounded like she was at a party as we were checking my account. She couldnt locate why im getting billed that amount. Might have to call my bank and put a stop on all wyze payments.

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I have had not billing issues with my Cam Plus subscriptions having had them since release.

That’s not to say it’s not possible, as I have read other posts that have had some oddities.

When you log into Wyze Services on the WYZE website you are only seeing the one license and you’ve made no purchases recently?

Do you have a support ticket number for your interaction with support?

Here is another thread on billing issues and contacting Wyze. Hopefully you will get things sorted out.

Wyze refuses to help.

The linked thread deals with Subscriptions purchased thru the Wyze In-App Store and therefore sold by Google Play.

Both Google Play and Apple App Stores have 100% control over all subscriptions purchased thru their service site. There is absolutely nothing Wyze can do to affect changes on these subscriptions. The subscriptions must be modified thru the respective App Store. There is no other option.

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