What's a guy got to do to get the attention of the billing department?

In desperation, I’ve decided to post here.

I’ve sent no less than four messages to support via e-mail. I’ve been trying for the last month and half to get the matter resolved. I wouldn’t be posting here if I had gotten some satisfaction via e-mail. The most recent message was sent on 7 December. Here it is along with the entire thread involving the issue…

THIS IS FOURTH TIME I’M MAKING THIS REQUEST!!! You have ignored three previous messages. I recently bought four more of your cameras as Xmas gifts for family members, and now I’m regretting doing so. I can no longer recommend your products. I’ve never encountered such shabby customer service!

Message below sent on 11/14, 11/16 and 12/1…

I should have been converted to an unlimited Cam Plus plan at no additional cost. I can still only license two of my three cameras. Very frustrating. Especially since my wife is buying four more of your cameras for our kids for Xmas. Please correct billing, and if you want to make it up to me, I see you’re offering a free Google nest hub with a yearly subscription. I should be eligible for that as well. Please respond!

Message from 16 November follows… I replied on the 14th.

This is the e-mail address ([Mod Edit]) with the account.

Please convert our two 49.99 accounts to the unlimited 99.99 account and advise once it’s done.


At 11:05 AM 11/16/2021,Support wrote:

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Hello from Wyze,

We haven’t heard back from you about your request [#1585559] Please reply back to let us know if you are still having an issue or if you’re busy simply reply back when you have a chance.

Below is a copy of the messages for your request. You can reply to this email anytime to continue working with us on this request.

Nasser (Wyze)

Nov 12, 2021, 7:06 AM PST
Hello Art,

Thank you very much for reaching out Wyze Wizards team. I hope this email finds you well. My name is Nasser, and I am happy to assist you.

I understand that your concern is about your existing Cam Plus licenses. Let me help.

About the monthly Cam Plus, I see that it’s already set to be canceled automatically on Nov. 24th, 2021. So will not be charged again after that moving forward.

Also, for the two Annual Cam Plus, you can take advantage of the $99 offer since it’s good until No. 26th, 2021. If you like, I can cancel all of your existing subscriptions so that you can sign-up for the promo offer right away. Just provide the email address associated with the license if you agree. Thank you.

Please email our team if you have additional questions. We will be more than welcome to accommodate. Thank you for being a part of Wyze. Have a lovely day.

Warmest Regards,�

Nasser | Wyze Wizard


Nov 11, 2021, 10:32 PM PST

My account billing is incorrect. I purchased two yearly Cam Plus accounts but my account shows a third monthly account set to renew on the 24th that I did not purchase. I think it was part of a promotional bundle.

Also, I want to switch the two yearly subscriptions I purchased to the 99.00 yearly plan you’re offering for unlimited cameras.

Can you do this for me please?
This email is a service from Wyze.

[Mod Note]: Personal information has been manually removed from this post.

Unfortunately your requests pretty much coincided with a category 5 super typhoon destroying the island that houses their call center, so I imagine that is at least part of the reason for the delay. As you may know this is a community forum only, but I hope some of the Wyze staff can help you.

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This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. Wyze Customer Support does not interact on this forum. Your best bet for correcting account issues is to contact Customer Support directly at:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

As Customer indicated above, Wyze Customer Support may still be affected by Super Typhoon Rai. They have been operating under limited hours with reduced staffing. If they are still under limited operations, their hours are 6 am - 6 pm PT.

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I am being charged for random licenses I don’t have!
I have the 99 license plan. It’s paid.
Why are you still charging me for cam plus?!
Help stop this and refund my money.