Double paid for Cam Plus

New to Wyze. Bought one Cam V3 about a week or so ago and have had quite a time setting it set up the way I want it. But it is working well now.
I’ll get involved with specifics of my setup in some other thread. But first, I have messed up and double subscribed to Cam Plus. I first did it online and it was billed to my credit card. That never showed up on my Wyze app so inside the app I subscribed to Cam Plus again and it went to my PayPal. Now it is showing billed twice on my credit card account.
I know this is not the Wyze office, but how do I get in contact with them to cancel one of the two subscriptions? Figured some of you might know how to do that. The help page online doesn’t go to customer service and don’t see another way to do it.


I deleted this post from another thread Topic so it is now only shown once.

Call support on the phone 206-339-9646 or 844-999-3226

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