I am getting double billed on my credit card. I only had one Cam Plus account

I had an outdoor camera since 2020. It was working and would record and save to the Cam Plus account. It doesn’t work anymore and now I am getting billed double. Twice on the same date.

I would like to cancel my Cam Plus subscription and get my money back for the extra billing. If that happens I may use Cam Plus again in the future when I have time to set it up again. If not, I’m going to another vendor this is very frustrating.


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This is a community forum, you should reach out to wyze directly to get this resolved.

you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online: Wyze.com/support

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