Double billing - help needed

Apparently Back on 11/16/21, after receiving and setting up my 2nd pan and scan camera, i signed up for Cam Plus for BOTH of my cameras. On 8/6/21, I paid my annual Cam Plus for my old cam, and on 11/16/21 I paid a prorated Cam Plus subscription on my new/2nd camera. Today, I found an email from Wyze dated 12/14 that says they charged me $1.99 for a monthly subscription. Why? When I go to “my subscriptions” is shows my 2 active cameras on Cam Plus and then another camera on a monthly subscription. THIS IS WRONG and I can’t get anyone on the phone to fix this mess and give me a refund.
Who can I speak to about getting this fixed? I have been on hold for the past 15 minutes, but I am not sure I am even calling the correct place, as I don’t have an item to return, but seemed to be the best place to go.
I need help from a maven…I need a credit! Should I be cancelling this monthly subscription that never went away? How do I get the refund from Tuesday that was billed to me in error?

You can see your scripting on there web site not on the app,you can add and delete as needed

I printed the pages off along with the invoice. I got nowhere on the phone, I just sent an email, asking for the refund. This was supposed to be fixed last month. It let me cancel the monthly subscription, but it still goes until 1/14/22. So I am paying for 3 subscriptions on 2 cameras…I realize it not a lot of money, but for MONTHS the cam plus I paid for wasn’t working, so I am a bit steamed at this double billing.
Thanks though!

I just went to ours and I was able to add and delete mine

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Can you explain this experience more? What happened? When you emailed, did you reply to your ticket that support started? What was your ticket number?

When I have needed phone support and called, I was on hold for about 20 mins twice and less than 20 seconds the third. So I wouldn’t be to worried about 15 mins so far, I know they will get to you as soon as they can.


I did send an email to support, once I found the address. A ticket was started, 1674154, but no response as of yet.

Still have not heard from Wyze about the double bill. Sorry I bought a 2nd camera…