Cancel Wyze Cam Plus

I’m not even sure how I got signed up for Cam Plus, but I keep getting charged monthly for the service. However, when I go into My Account under ‘Services’ it doesn’t say I have any active subscriptions. Any idea how to get rid of this subscription?

Are you looking at the website portal, and not the app

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Yup, I’m looking here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service

As kae4560 replied, to manage subscriptions, log into the Wyze Services website from a browser using the same userid/email and password as the app:

Wyze Services

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How did you initially acquire a Cam Plus license? Free trial? Direct via the Wyze app?

Must’ve been a free license from either the doorbell or v3 cam. It just turned on by default.

If you are logging into the Services website using the same credentials as those on your phone/tablet and you don’t see the recurring subscription, you’re best bet is to call Customer Support. As long as you didn’t purchase a subscription via app (ends up getting processed by Apple), they will be able to sort it out and cancel for you. If Customer Support determines that you purchased a subscription via the app, they will refer you to Apple Customer Support.

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Appreciate that! When it comes across on my credit card statement, it’s from Wyze, so fingers crossed I can get it resolved with them.

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Super bizarre as when I go into the app, click on ‘Services’ it says “Monthly Plan (Web) - 1 Licenses”. So I’m not disagreeing that I have a service, just want to be able to cancel it.

As he stated you need to go I to the web portal side of it not the app

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Please see above. I mentioned I have gone to both and was comparing the two discrepancies. I’ll be contacting Customer Support for further guidance.

I have the exact same problem. I contacted customer support on November 25th and they cancelled my subscription and promised a refund. Instead, I got another charge December 22nd. I contacted customer service again because they closed my prior ticket. Obviously, there is a problem with these subscriptions.

I’m glad I’m not alone! I haven’t had a chance to reach out to support yet, but this doesn’t give me confidence


When I add a new camera, it tells me that it is giving me a one month subscription to cam plus (BTW I have an unlimited subscription). It does not give you the option to opt out!!! I then find myself with the camera registered with this license and set to auto-renew.
I have had the same issues in the past and had to call customer service to get the charge reversed.

I just added a camera today, same thing happened, camera registered on this new license which was added to my account. I immediately went to my account services and cancelled.
I should not be signed up for a service which I cannot opt out and I should not have to log into my account and remove the service.
WYZE. You cannot sign up and set up auto-renew a person for a service they had no choice in accepting!!!

Right!? How can you possibly do that without giving me an option to opt out? Customer support hasn’t been of any use, either. I might need to contact my credit card company and have them deny the recurring expense.

@Seapup, not sure if you are so familiar with the app or have used it recently. This is not an Apple issue. When you add a new camera, it tells you that you are now signed up for a 1 month trial of Cam Plus. There is no button to accept or decline. There is just the continue. At this point, without your consent, you are now signed up for auto-renew of cam plus, regardless of even having an unlimited cam-plus license. The first time this happened, I didn’t realize it until after I got billed a month later after the trial expired. Just today I added another camera, but I remember to log in and cancel it immediately.
I think this actually borders on the edge of legality and consumer protection, i.e. signing someone up for a paid subscription without their consent and it certainly is unethical.

What’s worse is even going to the app or the website, it doesn’t say I have any active subscriptions for me to cancel out of. So it’s in this state of perpetual renewal without me ever consenting to it.

That’s what I do when adding a new cam… log in to your account on the Wyze Services page via a browser and immediately cancel, then reassign the cam to your unlimited pool. This is unrelated to the Apple (or Google) issue.

The Apple “issue” is that when you purchase a Cam Plus subscription via the Wyze app from an iPhone or iPad, the subscription is processed by Apple and only Apple can release it. The same applies to those who purchase a subscription using an Android device via the Google Play Store… it’s processed by Google. Using either of these two purchasing methods, the subscription will either not be displayed on the Wyze Services page or if displayed there will be no link/means to cancel.

In either case, Wyze Customer Service does not read or access this forum.

@Seapup Thanks for the explanation. I had misunderstood how he had gotten signed up for the service.
Anyway, not your issue, but I think

  1. Wyze SHOULD monitor these forums.
  2. Wyze SHOULD NOT be signing up people for services without consent.

p.s. I think they do sometimes see posts for the simple reason I have seen responses from Wyze employees.

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I agree on both and both are current wishlist items. We (mods/Mavens) are able to grab Wyze’s (not customer service) attention to critical issues and Wyze definitely takes notice. When appropriate, Wyze responds when they are able. But this forum is not meant to replace or even supplement Wyze Customer Service as Wyze non-customer service employees do not have access to ordering/billing information.

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