How to Cancel Cam Plus Subscription?

Ok, so I have gone to the website. I have tried the app. How do I cancel a cam plus subscription? I had a few monthly ones that I cancelled without issue. But this yearly one, I cannot find where to cancel.

I have enough cameras that it was time to go with the unlimited cam plus… And I have it set up for all my cameras (removed the licenses from all cameras and set them up on the unlimited license)…

Now in the app, under services I show the unlimited license (with all my cameras set up on it) and one yearly cam plus subscription showing unassigned… But I can’t find where to cancel it. Any ideas?

This is what I sent to someone else as they wanted to cancel and signup for unlimited:

I am sure you tried this as you are a veteran at this. :slight_smile:

If you don’t see the cancel, you can contact Wyze as well. But note, the only time I have heard where this was not an option was when the CamPlus was purchased through Google or another vendor.


I don’t have the option. I did reach out to Wyze support. Chatting with them now.

1 Like…I just saw mine and go to Services and all of your cam + is there we canceled all of our monthly, yearly and bought the $99.00 a year for 99 cameras very cheap

I was able to cancel all but one on the wyze website. For some reason one couldn’t be cancelled on the websitenor in the app. Support was able to resolve it.

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