There is no option to cancel Cam Plus!?

There is no option to cancel Cam Plus?
I have 3 separate Cam Plus monthly sub here:

When I go to cancel it,…nothing about Cam Plus?

This page show 3 cams have Cam Plus

They are going to renew soon at 2.99 per cam + tax. So it would be $10.5 for 3 per month.
How do I cancel?

Camplus sub show in the app. But it tells me to go to www to cancel.

When I go to www, there is no camplus to cancel. Is this a joke?

Contact support ASAP. I know they still have access to cancel stuff.

There are some backend issues currently in effect for us because Wyze has said they are transitioning their system to some new things, so there appear to be conflicts between the current/old way, and the new updates they are implementing but haven’t “launched” yet. Support can do it for you though.

that is why i use virtual cards, when there is problem i will just cancel card and let wyze cancel subscription for me, no stupid emails, a lot of time saved

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Instead of trying to cancel it from the app, log into your Wyze account on a computer. There are a lot of things that are either easier on a computer than the app, and in some cases only possible via a computer.

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Not sure about CamPlus, but you can cancel CamPlus Unlimited via https;//

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I don’t see that Cancel button when I go to that site?

For me, it is under account/my services/manage subscriptions.

Are in beta? Because I don’t see that portion when I go there.

Edit -

I have an ad blocker on my router and it’s possible that it’s being blocked but it doesn’t look like it.

I see the same thing WildBill is seeing. Have to scroll down to see it on this laptop.

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Not a laptop but a 4K monitor.

Almost looks like it thinks you do not currently have a subscription plan. On the previous screen (Accounts > My Services), does it show a current plan or plans?

The previous page is the webview (Wyze Web Live), then “Account” tab, then the I see the screen capture I showed above.

Are you logged in with the account that has your CamPlus accounts?

Yes. I can see my cameras in the webview and my billing history. I only have one Cam+ account.

What about my question?
That’s the whole screen on www.
There was nothing to “scroll” down.

You will have to take this up with Wyze.

I used to think that people with cam plus SUB issues because they didn’t know about the “www” and the app.
So they couldn’t cancel their subscription.

Now it’s my turn to face to music.
I don’t even want to contact wyze customer service after reading how bad they are. Would they “accidentally” add another subscription to my account while trying to cancel it.

I have the same issue, so I concur. I recently got a V4, and Wyze sent me an email for 3 months of Cam Plus for $.99, which I took. But out of the 4 Cam Plus subscriptions I have, the new one doesn’t show up on the “www” subscriptions page. The other 3 do. Bottom line, there’s no option to cancel (or change) the newest subscription via the app or the web.

Sounds like the only option is to contact Wyze customer support.

@07w You are on Cam Plus Lite, not Cam Plus, and your plan renews in 48 years, so nothing to worry about :wink:
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.08.14 AM