CamPlus Subscription Renewal Method

I’m currently subscribed to CamPlus Unlimited which I started last year through the GooglePlay Store.

I’ve just been notified that the renewal in January will be £135 through GooglePlay again.

The Wyze price is $99 which is ~£80 so I would assume £55 is the google store charge which is extortionate.

I would like to continue my subscription but purchasing directly through Wyze, however in the new wyze account Webapp, I can only renew the subscription through Google Play.

Do I need to cancel my Google play subscription & wait for it to expire before taking a new subscription through Wyze?

I have always used the WYZE Web site (My Account-Services) to do business with WYZE for my purchases and to obtain Cam Plus Unlimited . I don’t know about Google Play but the Cam Plus purchased from WYZE will renew automatically (Does not Expire) if you do not cancel it prior to the expiration date, If you can purchase from your WYZE account on the Web Site I would cancel the account you got from Google Pay at least a week prior to your upcoming expiration date.
Date can be found on the app. Account>Services.

Where you have the WWW logo I have a Google play logo & edit plan gives me a message to manage my subscriptions in Google play.

I’ve already set my subscription to expire (and dont have any payment methods in google play).

I will try after the expiration date to continue though the Wyze website.

As I stated just make yourself a note that the plan purchased through WYZE will Auto Renew using your payment method. If you cancel it at anytime after they have your money it will still remain active during the subscription period and will not renew. There are no refunds for the portion remaining if you cancel early.