Cam plus renewal

I have been a cam plus subscriber for several years. My info says my cam plus is good to December 21 2024. Why am I getting a notification to renew now or it will run out in 2 hrs. A bit confused or should I just ignore.

You best bet is to connect with Support and see what they can tell you about this.

Do you by chance have more than one CamPlus subscription with different renewal dates?

That’s a good question. I only have 2 cameras and thought I had gotten coverage for both at the same time. Not sure how to check that.

Go to the Wyze web site.

Login and go to My Account - My Subscriptions

and see what My Services says.

It says for 2 cameras. I still have cam plus on both cameras so it may be an automated notification mistake. So I’ll just wait and see.
Thank you very much for your time.

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Is it $29.98/year for 2 cameras or just 1?

Lol I new that would getcha. It’s for 2 but that’s what it was close to when they first came out with it 2 or 3yrs ago. I’m pretty sure I’m paying much more than that now.

So don’t cancel the $29.98 a year for 2 cams.
Personal I think it’s too expensive at $20 a year for 1 cam.

Oh I agree. Wasn’t planning on canceling any of it. I was just questioning how they came up with their dates to my subscription and runs out in 2 hrs when it says December. Go figure.

If you don’t plan to cancel, you should be okay. Some forum members have had issues when trying move multiple single Cam Plus plans (with different end dates) to an Unlimited plan.

Ok thank you. Very much appreciated for your time and responses.