Cam Subscription Cannot Cancel Charged before trial period ended

I was still within the trial period of Cam subscription and I received an email and text from my credit card that Wyze charged me $21.09 via Google for a 1 year subscription. When I tried to cancel it on their app it said I was still in the trial period and it cancelled it for 2023!

I bought a new camera and it had the free trial and they didn’t ask for a credit card number, which I opted in for. That’s all I remember.

Now, Neither Wyze, or Google will not cancel it and refund my money. They both tell me to contact the other one. What gives??

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I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Because the subscription was charged by the Google Play Store, they are the only ones who can do anything to remedy the situation.

It sounds like your trial subscription was also thru the Play Store and that’s why it auto renewed, although it should not have. I am not at all certain how the trial subscription would be loaded that way (thru Google Play) or how it automatically charges you without confirmation first. Usually trials just expire. I have militantly avoided purchasing any subscriptiion from the app for this very reason.

That being said… Any subscription purchases from within the Wyze app are actually being purchased from, processed by, charged by, and controlled by Google Play. Those are Google Play’s rules and Wyze has no control over that.

Only subscriptions purchased directly from Wyze at are managed by Wyze and are quite easy to modify and\or cancel for a refund.

There are uncountable posts here in the forum of users being burned by Google and Apple over subscriptions purchased in the app thru their app stores because they are ruthless and unwavering. That is why I avoid them at all cost.

My suggestion would be to absolutely hold Google’s feet to the fire to get the subscription cancelled and refunded. Then, once that is done and it is off the app, go to the Wyze Website and purchase it there.

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Update for you:

This is in the Wyze Help Website