Unable to cancel a subscription

I have bought 30-40 cameras, watches, scales, vacuums, security things from wyze over the years. I have the free Cam AI and paid for it when they asked for pay what you want. I bought the 99 camera plan. I must have bought one camera using google pay or my gmail account. It came with a Free! ‘sic’ trial which converted to $1.99 a month plan that I do not want or need. I have talked to the Bot Help and even to a real customer rep. I can not get rid of it.

If the customer service rep couldn’t get rid of it then it probably means they should’ve referred to contact either Apple or Google support since sometimes subscriptions added through the app are locked up by Apple/Google.

If you log in to services.Wyze.com and go to your account to see all your subscriptions, does it show up there? Can you edit it and cancel the renewal from happening? If not, you’ll need to talk to Google or Apple.

Also, can you post your support ticket number from when you talked to the Wyze rep?

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when I log in by gmail, I can not see anything or cancel. If I use Yahoo, everything is fine, but I can not see the 1.99 charge.
this was from the Wyze Chat
Jhen: Alright, I will convert this to email and someone from my higher specialist will be reaching out through email and assist you further about the cancelations of your subscription. Since I don’t have any backend access here on my end. Keep an eye out on your email.

and nothing since then.

When was that?

And what is the number for that support ticket?

It does sound to me like the subscription is stuck with Google or Apple (depending on if you have Android or iOS). So there is a decent chance you’ll have to talk to them. But I’d still like to have someone look into your support ticket if you answer the above 2 questions.

March 18 [ Wyze Ticket 2882374] We’re working on your request: cancel

April 17th sonny cancelled cam plus 2957437

April 20 I get:

Let’s get you set up!

Now that you’re subscribed to Cam Plus, here are some tips to make sure that you’re set up correctly (assign your license and enable motion recording!).

So next month will I get another bill for $2? or just tell Amex to not pay wyze?

I’ll have someone look into it to see what’s going on with your single Cam Plus license. But it sounds to me from your recent comment like they canceled Cam Plus on April 17, so the situation is probably now resolved.

As for this email you got:

I think that email you got on April 20th is just telling you that you already have that 99 camera plan you mentioned:

I also have that Cam Plus Unlimited plan and I get those emails a while after I set up a new camera. It doesn’t necessarily mean another plan is starting, just that they’re making sure you know you have open Cam Plus Licenses you can use. If you already set that up, you can ignore the email.

thanks - but wyze thinks my gmail account is separate from my yahoo account. I only used google pay and it mad a recurring charge on my google pay. The April 20 email goes to my gmail, not yahoo. All my cameras are on my 99 camera plan, even ones that don’t work anymore are listed.
Thank you for all your help.

In the Wyze app you can check what email your account is under in the account > account page


I would suggest that if you are still having problems you go to your bank and discontinue payment to whomever your autopay is sent to. that gets their attention real fast.

Yes had this issue already. Just call the card company and tell them that you paid for false advertising

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