How to Cancel Unused Subscription

Hi all, I couldn’t find a forum section that fit this topic. I tried to post it in the most appropriate section I could find (Services). But at least one tag was required and yet no tags were provided for use. Typing a tag used by others produced a “no match” error. I gave up and posted the topic here, hoping it might nevertheless be noticed. . . .

I replaced a three-camera monthly Cam Plus subscription with an Unlimited subscription. I now want to cancel the unused subscription but cannot do so.

Clicking Edit Plan in the app does nothing. I don’t find the subscription in iPhone Setting → Subscriptions. The app seems to indicate that the subscription was purchased directly from Wyze (see screenshot, below). However, the subscription does not show up on the web site. Others do, so I seem to be looking in the right way snd place.

I contacted Wyze Support but they denied the subscription exists, even when I provided them with the screenshot as evidence. That is to say, they wasted my time and did not help at all.

It should be a simple question, How do I delete the old subscription? It’s a monthly subscription so real cash is apparently soon at risk. (I know that certain cancellations of annual plans are not pro-rated.)

Thanks very much for any help or ideas!


Log into and then when you see your Cam Plus licenses under My Subscriptions there should be an edit button, and then click cancel.

The Wyze Support pages also has an article on this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. The subscription was not purchased as part of s bundle, though I did receive an unrelated 1-camera subscription as part of a bundle.

Thing is, as I wrote, the Cam Plus subscription does not appear on the web site. It’s as if the subscription had been purchased through a third party. BUT, the app seems to say it was purchased directly (see screenshot in earlier message) and the subscription doesn’t show up in the iPhone Settings or any other place I’ve thought to look.

Here’s what I see on the Wyze web site:

Okay, I don’t actually see “My Subscriptions.” But I also don’t see any opportunity for a wrong turn before arriving here. Just for fun, I even used your kindly provided link to access the web site. All the links available from the landing page seem related to NEW subscriptions, not EXISTING subscriptions. Do I need new eyeglasses???

Here’s what I see if I get to My Subscriptions my own way (viz., Home Monitoring & Security Services - Wyze Services):

Notice there’s no mention of the three-camera Cam Plus subscription, only the one-camera freebie. Okay, you can’t scroll the screenshot but please take my word for it. :smiley:


Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then sign out and back in. Does it still show that 3 camera sub?

Do you see those other subscriptions in the app? Like the single camera cam plus license and the HMS?

Thanks for your reply, especially since your forum handle suggests that we may share some dietary habits/preferences.

I cleared the cache. The app reported success. For fun, I forced the app closed and relaunched it. There was no change to the subscription information. That is, the three-camera Cam Plus monthly subscription did not disappear [EDIT: The preceding word was originally “appear.”]; the other expected subscriptions continue to show. In particular, the freebie one-camera Cam Plus subscription and the HMS subscription show up, as I believe they did in the screenshot of the app. CORRECTION: Those two subscriptions would have shown in the screenshot but I cropped them to direct attention to the three-camera subscription.


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That’s strange, I can’t think of anything else that would cause this.

Are you being charged for this 3 cam subscription, or don’t know yet since it hasn’t renewed?

I would contact support and see what it shows on their end and if they can force cancel it.

Good luck! :beans:

Thanks for your valiant attempts to help!

I don’t know if I’m being charged. The monthly billing date is coming up so I’ll soon be able to tell. I disassociated all the assigned cameras but I suppose billing is based on subscription capacity rather than the number of assigned cameras.

As it happens, my first communication was with Support. They were no help at all—a waste of my time, in fact. They flatly denied I had any such subscription even when I presented them with a screenshot showing the subscription. I find it very difficult to respect or trust them given their firm claim in the face of contrary public evidence.

I’ve since learned about the complications associated with using third-party transactions to purchase subscriptions. Such complications would normally engender my sympathy. But (1) Wyze remains responsible for the business relationships and therefore for any attendant complications; and (2) Wyze negates my sympathy when they offer half truths as though they were whole truths and deny facts made plain by publicly available evidence, leaving the customer to navigate the peculiarities of Wyze’s business relationships without effective assistance.

If I am charged for the three-camera subscription, I will notify my bank that the charge has not been authorized by me. If that eventuates in my inability to continue to do business with Wyze, so be it!

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with support, could you get me a ticket number by chance?

Yea unfortunately the complications with Apple and google subscriptions are effecting many companies, and often times due to legal issues Wyze can’t tell you “hey the site is better” when trying to purchase stuff via Apple or googles stores.

If you contact support again and have the same issue I can escalate your ticket so we can get it taken care of properly.

Sorry! I thought that I had replied but I bumped into your message and I don’t see a reply there.

The ID is 2704665.

Thanks very much for all your help!


Thanks for the ticket number, I will escalate it so someone else can take another look.