Customer support does not listen

I’m not sure if this will get seen by Wyze, but I need to pass this on. I bought 4 Pan Cam V3 and an annual subscription and could not find the subscription on my account ( Duckdotcom address). So I bought a second subscription, which also did not appear on my account Contacted support and discovered the purchase were linked to my Gmaildotcom address. Requested to see if the subscriptions could be linked to my Duckdotcom account and set to run sequentially.

So this is the response:

Tanvi (Wyze)

Oct 18, 2023, 8:34 AM PDT


Orders associated with have been cancelled

There are no refunds issued upon cancellation

Thank you
Tanvi | Services Manager

Now I am out $199.98 dollars for prepaid subscriptions. How does this happen?

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Can you please post the Customer Service Ticket Number you received with that email?

If Wyze does see your post, they will need that ticket number to pull the transcripts for review.


Wyze Ticket 3389223 is the support case.

Thank you! I am going to escalate that ticket number to the Wyze Team at the home office thru our Community Volunteer channels so they can pull the transcripts and look into it.