Cam Plus trial subscription

My issue is that you have a promotion that can result in automatically establishing a yearly cost that I don’t want. I see no way that you have provided for me to opt out of that offer of converting a free trial off of Cam+ for one camera that I don’t feel the need to have Cam+. As the offer stands, when the free trial is over you will automatically bill me for a years subscription for something that I don’t want.

Arthur Block.

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From what I understand, once the free trial ends, that’s it. It doesn’t automatically enroll you for a subscription after that. I’ve purchased quite a few cameras and never was charged after the free trial ended.




You are probably right. My problem stems from the fact that WYZE does not offer any form of “opt out” clause in it’s promotion. This is not a fair business model. I had great difficulty in reaching a WYZE employee, but I was finally successful and I personally had them cancel that free offer. In that contact they were not able to direct me to any option that allowed me to decline the promotion offer or subsequent extension to a subsequent contract for that offer.



The free trials do not automatically convert into a paid subscription. They simply evaporate (after asking you several times to manually create a new subscription).


When I set up a new camera, when it gets to the cam Plus offer screen I don’t confirm it. I hit back or if that isn’t working then I close the app and then the trial does not activate (closing the app has always worked for me, sometimes hitting back doesn’t do it right).

I personally don’t mind the free trials in general, they do not convert to charge anyone so they’re harmless. I just cancel them because I already have 100 paid licenses with lots of open slots to use. But I can definitely confirm it is possible to deny the free trials if anyone really doesn’t want them. I do it all the time. But I agree there should be a button that allows someone to clearly refuse it if they really want to.

For now, for anyone wanting to do this, Don’t confirm the subscription, if you close the app it usually cancels the trial.

But again, as stated above, there is no downside to the 2week free trial. It will not turn into a charge, it just disappears when it ends (other promotions that have you manually enter a code on purpose to get 1-3 months free will start charging when they end, but not the 2 week free trial that automatically comes with every activation).


As someone who just added a new Wyze camera to my account today, there is one pretty big downside.

I have a few cameras on Cam Plus Lite already.

When the Cam Plus trial was added, I lost the ability within the app to add this new camera to Cam Plus Lite. In fact I’m also not able to remove any cameras from Cam Plus Lite.

I’m assuming I now have to wait 14 days for this unwanted CP trial to roll off my account before I can do anything with CPL again.


I hear you can ‘back out’ of the Cam Plus trial when they first display it, but I’ve never tried that.

Yes – When you add the camera to Cam Plus, your camera is automatically removed from the Cam Plus Lite list. If you later discontinue Cam Plus for whatever reason (like your 2-week trial is up), then the camera does not get automatically re-added to the Cam Plus Lite list. So you now have a camera that does images only.

The fix is to go back into the Cam Plus Lite Services section on the Account tab, and manually re-add the camera to the Cam Plus Lite list (+ Add Camera at bottom of list). It will then put the Camera back on Cam Plus Lite, and automatically switch it back to 12-second Videos.

It should be fully automatic in both directions IMO; you shouldn’t need specialized knowledge like the above to get it working again. But there you go. :neutral_face:

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Thanks for the clarification, I can understand the frustration.

You can remove it earlier. What I have done to remove the cam plus trial if it is locked on there is to setup the camera again, and this time when the cam plus trial screen comes up, just close the app. That has worked for me every time if I wanted to get rid of it without having to wait the full 14 days. I did this so I could add a full Cam Plus license onto that cam instead of the trial, but it will work the exact same to switch to Cam Plus Lite instead of waiting for the trial to end. Just make sure to go add Cam Plus Lite onto it once you’ve set it back up without the cam plus trial on there.


When you had posted this information before, I tried it with a new cam and it worked like you said. So I made sure I did the same the next time I got a new cam. I also found that by going through the website (and not my phone through amazon) I could purchase my subscription and then assign the cam to that from my phone.


Thanks AnnWithAPlan, I am glad to hear that it was helpful for you and you are paying that forward by confirming that it worked for you as well. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: