Cam Plus trial cancellation?

I just got a new cam and selected the Cam Plus trial. I want to cancel it. None of the instructions provided by Wyze exist as described. Also, it looks like support is broken as well.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Its free with new cameras for 14 days

The 14 day trial will not automatically renew. Just let it expire.

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Mine was a 30 day trial and it renewed automatically. I did get billed for the renewal. I had to call support to get the charge removed and cancel. That process could not have gone better I’m happy to say.

Your can do all that online in less than 4 minutes

Nope. Their instructions don’t work. I put too much time into it.

Interesting I just added 4 more cams,

Adding the cams is not the problem. Cancelling an automated monthly billing is. That’s the subject of this post.

I had 2 on monthly and deleting them and moved them to annual with no issues

Glad it worked for you.

Simple for sure,my husband tells me that all the time