How do I opt out of free Cam Plus Trial?

I just want a simple camera. I supported many of your products during the pre-production phase. But Wyze has completely lost focus. I already trashed your doorbell for tp-link. Every day you make it harder to find a reason to keep your cameras.

The last time I went through the process, I had to click “Back” or close the app at that part and it skipped adding it.

Since you’ve already set up your camera, you now have 2 options:

  1. Wait for the 14 days to expire and it will just cancel itself. It won’t continue or charge you or anything, so no big deal to worry about there.
  2. You can delete the camera and go through setup again and this time when it tells you it wants to add cam plus, just press BACK or close the app and it won’t add it.

Yeah that is what I did but it may or may not have contributed to the crippling of my V3 person detection with Alexa. If that’s important you might want to accept the trial before moving it over to CamPlus Lite later.

(Could also be unrelated.)