I just found out that the wife paid for a CAM Plus subscription sometime ago.
She used her account, but all the WYZE devices we have were set up with mine. So the app indicated that she had CAM Plus, but had no devices with which to use it.

I deleted a cam from my account, and set it up with hers, then shared it to my account.
It’s working, but the app states that she’s got a CAM Plus 14-day trial, when in fact she paid for a year.

So I wonder, will the service we paid for kick in after 14 days, or is there more rigamarole required?

@chezedog Cam Plus starts on the day of purchase not when it’s activated on a cam.

Cam Plus starts on the day of purchase not when it’s activated on a cam.

If that is so, why does it indicate a 14 day trial instead?

You can change it. You don’t have to wait for the trial to finish.
Go to Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit

Uncheck the cam with the trial and then activate your purchased license on the cam. :wink:


That’s the ticket!


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Glad to help!

WYZE, in all of their wisdom, have made it so whenever you add a new camera to your account you are automatically signed up for a Cam Plus trial. This includes re-adding existing cameras. Whether you want it or not.

So I just purchased the Cam plus too. Right after I did so my camera i have it for doesn’t notify me there is a person present. I’m not sure on how to fix it unless its a glitch. I had to turn on '‘notify me when any motion is detected’'not just person . I’ve restarted the camera and singed out and back in . It also looks like the app has updated . Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure Cam Plus is associated with your camera under Account > Services in the app.