Unable to add the 14-day Cam Plus trial when setting up new cameras in the Wyze app,

I am unable to add the 14-day Cam Plus trial when setting up new cameras in the Wyze app. I now get a “you’re not eligible for the free trial” in a google play pop-up message, and it is asking me to subscribe for a full year instead of the 14 day trial (see screenshot in Wyze app below).

I have tried selecting the 14-day trial on a brand new camera setup in the Wyze app, as well as an older camera after a factory reset, but both say I am not eligible for the trial. I have also confirmed that the 14-day trial on a previous camera has been removed from my Google Play account. I also spoke to Wyze support, but they just gave me a copy and paste of generic non-related info.

For additional reference, I do have an annual Cam Plus subscription setup for one camera, and a legacy “Cam Plus Lite” subscription for a few other cameras, but no subscriptions for the 2 newer cameras that I am trying to add the trial to upon setup.

Any ideas on how to get around this?


The old 14 day trial was tied to the MAC of the cam and the trial was loaded on the initial factory firmware. Once it was used, the cam was no longer eligible for an additional trial. When reinstalling it, the MAC is verified by the server and, if the trial had been previously activated, it would disallow another trial.

But, Wyze has transitioned to a different trial model on their cams. They are now “purchased” when you buy the cam. It is essentially a monthly subscription that auto renews if not canceled before the end of the first “free” month. Cams are no longer sold with a 14 day trial loaded on them unless they are specifically marked as so on the package, usually thru box store retailers.

So, the question is: How did you purchase your new cam hardware and when?

I just purchased a new camera from Amazon Canada yesterday and it arrived today, so the MAC address should not have been used before. The Wyze app still presents the option for a free Month when I add the camera, but when I select that option, I just get “You’re are not eligible for the free trial” and to proceed, it only gives me the option to add a annual subscription for the whole year (no Monthly option).

Not sure if that helps any further.

Thanks for your help.

Do you have a diffrent phone (ideally a diffrent OS) to test this on as well?

Also, could you share your ticket number.

I’m not going to be of any help either. There are so many differences in the ways things work when crossing the border that I would only be guessing. I also haven’t activated an Amazon purchased cam for well over a year.

Thanks for everyone’s help with this. My initial problem was that Alexa Live view would not work with my newer cameras unless I set them up using a Cam Plus subscription initially.

My alternate solution was to add a Monthly $2.99 CamPlus plan for the new camera on the Wyze website, confirm that Alexa Live view was working and then cancel the subscription.

Unnecessary. You already have a confirmed Cam Plus Subscription for one cam.

Why not unassign the original Cam on Cam Plus from the Cam Plus Subscription, assign the new cam to it, setup the Alexa link, confirm it works, unassign it from the Cam Plus Subscription, repeat with the second new cam, and then repeat a third time reassigning the original cam back to the Cam Plus subscription?