Where's my 30-Day FREE Cam Plus trial?

When I purchased my OG camera, I signed up for a 30-Day FREE Cam Plus trial. But when I was setting up the camera today, it required me to sign up for Cam Plus – with a Free 14-Day trial of Cam Plus!
What happened to my FREE 30-DAY TRIAL???

Have you assigned the license to the camera?

To assign a camera to Cam Plus you will need to use the App.

  • Start the App and go to the Account Tab
  • Tap on Services
  • Make sure Cam Plus is selected in the Top Menu
  • Scroll down the Cam Plus list until you see UnAssigned and tap on it
  • you should see a list of available devices, tap on the one you want o assign.

Copied from @spamoni4

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I think OP concern is the duration of Cam Plus trial, 30 day vs 14 day mixup.


Ahhhhhhh thanks @habib

Once again, I should really put my eyeballs on :nerd_face: and slow down :grin:

In which case @cameraz I would check your email for a code or give Wyze Support a call.


As @R.Good suggested, this would be customer service question. Non of us users on the forum can help you with that.

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I hope I do not sound like a jerk, because I only want to put the Cam Plus billing price in perspective. If Wyze shorts you a half a month on a Cam Plus trial that is 83.5 cents. The Cam Plus billing price has been reduced to $1.67 per month. If you subscribe to Cam Plus at this reduced price (instead of the $1.99 price), in about 2.5 months you will have saved about 80 cents. That being said, you may have a case for false advertising.

Anyone else interested in the $1.67 per month Cam Plus price (or want to check my math), here is the link. It does say “Limited time offer”.

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Im currently experiencing this myself. What hassle I’m going through for them to not honor this offer!