Cam Plus Free Trial debacle

So the website says 30 day free trial (with 14 days of storage), when I set it up it is only a 14 day free trial. Cust Service is clueless and useless. Not sure if I want to do the annual Cam Plus with a company this clueless/ May just return all the cameras. Anybody else have this problem?

Where are you seeing the 30 day free trial? As far as I’m aware it’s normally a 14 day trial, but if it was 30 days due to a promotion of some sort it may require alternate ways to claim it. Tagging @WyzeJimmy as he may know more here.

On the Website, and my order

You should see this in your app’s Account tab under the Services menu. You can go ahead and switch over to the remaining days once your in-app trial ends. There’s logic in the app that is supposed to not give you the in-app trial if you accepted this, I’ll let the team know that it didn’t work in this case. Sorry for the trouble!

All I see is the Monthly licenses to apply, not the trial.

Unapplied Licenses could of been titled a little better. That’s where they were.