Do I have to cancel the CamPlus free trial?

Hi - I have just bought 2 new V3s and they both started the 2 week CamPlus free trial.

I have a yearly unlimited subscription for CamPlus already.

Is it possible to cancel the free trials or shall I just leave them to expire in two weeks and then assign my new cams to my unlimited subscription?

Also - if I do not cancel the free trials will Wyze start charging me for them when they end? I seem to remember seeing that the free trial will auto renew but I will be charged.

I have tried cancelling the two free trials but I cannot see how to do it! … And I would hate to pay Wyze any more money until next year’s unlimited subscription is due!

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The 2 week free trial will automatically go away. You will get notifications about it as you get closer to the end of the 2 weeks.

If you have free Cam Plus licenses, you can move the 2 Camea’s to that Cam Plus and use the 2 Free Cam Plus licenses for other Camera’s you may have.

@spamoni4 Thanks for the fast reply.

I’ve got the 99 licenses " unlimited " package so I have 94 licenses spare. I tried putting the new cams straight onto it but the app insisted I have a free trial!!!.

I will wait until they expire - I just didn’t want the trial to continue as a paid subscription.

These are the first two cameras I have added since I took out the " unlimited " subscription so I want sure how it worked.

Thanks again for the information.



I would move the 2 camera’s to the Unlimited (I have that as well). Then the 2 Free Licenses will sit there for 2 weeks and then disappear. By doing this, you won’t lose any time or events when they get removed.

My Pleasure - Have a safe New Years.

@spamoni4 You can’t move them to the “unlimited” CamPlus until the 2 week trial expires. Just wait for the two weeks and then move them.

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Unless something has changed, I did this all the time and moved my production camera’s to the unlimited license and test camera’s to the trial license. To allow for this, you first have to remove the camera’s from the test license.

Has something changed to preclude individuals from doing this? Just want to make sure I provide correct information.

I have never been able to remove a camera from the two week trial.
And BTW, the two week trial starts again if you re-setup a camera on a different WiFi (at least most of the time).

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Thanks to both of you.

I tried moving then but it won’t let me - when I try to add it the only choice I get is " unassigned" , neither of my two cameras are in the list.

That’s good to know. Waiting doesn’t hurt either.

You can always leave it until it expires. I will agree, you cannot move it, you have to remove them from the Trial License first. Once they have been removed, then you will be able to add it to the unlimited.

However, I did this from my Android Device and not the iOS device. Wonder if that is the difference then. I am hooking up 2 Flood lights this weekend, so I will test this and see.

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I’m on Android as well - I will just wait.

I am just worried that now Wyze have my payment details they may take some money if the trial turns into a paid single subscription before I can stop it.

The trial licenses are not auto-renewing. :slight_smile:

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@Newshound - thank you.

I was wondering if I had imagined reading that they were - and I obviously was … Think I’m getting old!

Thanks again.

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