CamPlus but no cloud

I have 6 cams in the CamPlus package and today one started to not show me the motion events in the cloud videos. It only shows a sdcard icon for playback.

I have unassigned and reassigned,

All of the settings are the same as my other 5 cams that are working correctly.

Any ideas?

This cam in question was my first cam, then I bought some more, then I subbed.
It say it expires in 6 days which would have been all my trials.
I am wondering if its waiting till the 1st and all will be good?

Does it show “PLUS” in the settings of the cam that is having issues?

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I hate to be a bother, but now its working as it should.
Also YES I have the “plus”

It looks like all those cams expire on 7\1. And you stated those are all on a trial.

It may have been a hiccup in the system on that 1 Side Door cam that you have fixed, that’s why it is now working.

If you are considering continuing your CamPlus subscription past 7\1 on these cams, I would strongly suggest considering the $99 CamPlus Unlimited plan from the Wyze Website (NOT from any 3rd party app store) once they do expire. You are right at the break point with 6 cams. 6 cams on CamPlus = $90, 7 cams = $105. CamPlus Unlimited = $99

That extra $9 gives you an additional 93 licenses locked in. You can buy and install as many new cams as you like and you will always have 99 licenses renewing on the same day every year. This gives you maximum expansion scalability without the worry of any increase in license costs. Buying in bulk pays off.

If you already have other cams on CP subs purchased directly from Wyze, you can move those cams over to CPU and then cancel the older CP subs after you get them assigned to CPU. If you bought them from Wyze, you get a prorated refund for all unused time when canceling.

Canceling subs bought from 3rd party appstores has been problematic in getting refunds. Those are probably best to let expire then reassign the cams to CPU.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!

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What I did was order a cam to test,
Liked it.
Then ordered more.
They are all on a trial still, but I purchased the CP through the app link which took me to the Google Play store.
It has not charged me yet, but will on July 1st.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 4.23.37 PM

So are you saying I can cancel that, and get the CPU from the website?

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It says you can cancel at any time… So I would interpret that as yes.

So if you cancel the trial before the expiration, you shouldn’t be charged the $119.99.

The CamPlus Unlimited $99 for 99 cams is still showing as available on the Wyze Website:

When I moved to the Unlimited plan, I bought the CPU plan direct from the Wyze Website first, then reassigned all my cams to the Unlimited licenses before canceling all my existing subscriptions. That way I had no loss in service.

This week would be the time to do that if it is what you decide you want. Will save you some money and get you more licenses than you will ever be able to use.

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Ok So today I did as you did, but it didnt seem to work as fast as I had hoped.

I purchased the CPU.
Then I tried to move the cams, I unassaigned and got 3 assigned, but the rest are nowhere to be found…yet.

SO I went and cancelled the other sub thinking then I would see them and be able to assign.

Nothing yet. Do you think it will just take a little while to sort itself out?

It may take a bit to get them all to register as unassigned from the trial sub since it was an app store sub that needs to now propagate back to the Wyze Servers.

Since you were successful at assigning 3 of the cams, I will assume that you can now see the CPU sub in your CP Account>Services tab.

You might try signing out of the app and back in to see if it will update the remainder of the cams to unassigned so you can put them over on to CPU. If the app store sub is still listing in the tab, it probably hasn’t updated yet.