Wyze Support hung up & other + furstrations

Has this happened to anyone else?

I was going to call to ask about renewing Wyze+ but now I don’t really feel like supporting them… ugh. Why does Wyze support have to be so terrible?


Maybe someone here knows. I got a discount code after buying a new cam and using its trial, so that’s nice. I also had to re-setup a few other cams and, for some unknown reason, they also got a free + trial. Sweet!

But now it’s renewal time and while I’d like to… I have no idea (and it seem there’s no way to know) which cam it’s renewing + for. Does anyone know how to tell which cam I’m renewing? or does it just let me apply the ±ness to which cam I want? This entire process is clear as mud…

It does not matter which camera it’s for - you can change which camera a CamPlus license is for at will. So think of it this way. Let’s say you have two CamPlus licenses. We;ll call them License 1 and License 2. Each license can be assigned to a camera - and you can change which camera is being used by that license any time that you want. You are just limited to how many cameras have an active CamPlus assigned to them AT THAT INSTANT by the total number of licenses that you have.
Now with that said, there may be limit to how many times you can change the assigned camera, or how fast you can change it, but I have not run into that as an issue. I do know that I have changed the assigned camera within less than one minute of the previous change.


Awesome, thank you for the clarification!
I really wish this information was anywhere near the Wyze order page but c’est la vie, I guess this is why they have the forms.
Much appreciated!

Heh, wouldn’t that be an awesome Wyze app rule?
Trigger: If Camera B senses Motion - Action: switch cam plus license to Camera B.
And do that for every cam.

All you’d need would be just a couple of licenses to cover all the cameras in your house using rules to switch them to wherever there is motion instead of having a separate license. That would be funny. No wonder Wyze doesn’t allow CamPlus to be in the rules. I wish they would allow it within limits though. I’d like to have the cams inside my house/office use cam plus in the daytime and then automatically switch my licenses to the outside cams at night. It’s too much work to do manually every day…but again, I can see why they don’t allow it in the rules since someone would just abuse it.