Wyze 'sells' you subscriptions they know you don't need

I bought 4 new OGs last month and was just charged for 4 x 1 month Cam+ subscriptions. And this even though I have Cam+ unlimited with dozens of unused licenses.

Now, I know I didn’t ‘opt in’ to buying a new subscription. I don’t need it to get the service I already have subscribed for. And I never received the warning ‘we’re going to charge you next week for those 4 Cam+ subscriptions we signed you up for even though you don’t need them.’

How would they like it if they bought a screwdriver from Amazon, and then amazon started sending and charging them for screws every month? Without warning.

This is not the way a reputable or ethical company works.

I’m not even sure it’s legal to make people ‘opt out’ of things or just start charging them.

I’m pretty disappointed in Wyze.



You are not alone.

I replied in other threads regarding the same Cam Plus Trial topic. Rather than reposting here, I have linked to my replies in those threads so you can click over there and review all the posts.


Wyze is trying to promote their CAM+ product… which is a good accessory product… all things considered.

I recommend keeping some peripheral vision on the tactics of ALL companies. To me, this is a big nothingburger, or, in other words Yawn


I was charged “automatically” for a subscription I didnt order, just because I bought a second camera. On the app, there isnt specific screen stating you are buying this, but they trick you into subscribing. Check your bills. Just cancel your payment method before buying more cameras. Cancel your payment method unless you are billed monthly.

Can you tell me whether they were Cam Plus subscriptions or Cam Protect subscriptions? Please forward me any emails you’ve received including order numbers and I’ll personally look into this: mvanswol@wyze.com