Opt in to Cam Plus Lite

Wyze use to be nice to use but now they have turned into just like the other companies that force you to pay a monthly fee regardless if you can afford it or even have NO need for the extra services.

I opted in, yet still get annoying and threatening emails and popups and even a warning on the app in the account page. It says OPT IN OR ELSE!!! AND I DO and it will tell me i already opted in. Every few days i spend much time trying to figure out WHY ALL THESE POPUPS AND EMAILS? WHY IS THERE A WARNING !!! IN MY ACCOUNT???

I use to tell people about wyze and recommend there products, but no longer will i.
Soon i will delete the app and trash the motions and bulbs and just reprogram the cameras into ip cameras or pc cameras.

i’ve reported this problem to wyze through email and web chat, but got no fix, just a person telling me to try this and try that, sing out, delete the app, clear the catch, reboot the phone, stand on your head in the northern direction and reboot the phone upside down. nothing works!!!

i think wyze gave us the option to pay monthly service, but because they did get as many as they wanted they are doing this to force us to all pay a monthly service. just like they made a motion for the hub that needs a monthly service, while they stopped selling the type of motions that work without a hub or a monthly service.

Wyze has turned into a company that they use to brag about not being like.

their email starts off with β€œHey Friend”, it sounds like one of those emails you get from them scammers in Africa, Dear Friend, i’m happy to inform you that you’ve inherited $5 million dollars but first send us $500 to cover the paperwork.

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Im on cam + since day 1 and plays well on all of ours,no issues,so just enjoy it and yes each camera must be connected or you will get reminders, i tryed it today and removed cam + from 1 cam and it told me to get it

So you are even paying them the monthly fees and your β€œenjoying” the annoying the constant warning emails and popups and the warning! in the app account section?
Would you recommend Wyze to start using Robocalls to push their own customers to pay more monthly fees? or maybe some junk mail fliers in my houses mailbox?