Service stinks!

Wyze is trying to charge me for monthly service which I did not order. I had to cancel my credit card and big hassle. The robot chat is totally retarded and useless. I was unable to turn on my camera remotely. The system is too complicated to be reliable and I don’t trust companies that try to extract money for things I haven’t ordered.

Maybe when you purchased your camera you did not remove the check mark from the box to opt out or see the fine print?


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You tagged your post Cam Plus Lite. However, Cam Plus Lite is a service you have to physically subscribe to thru the Wyze Web Site, set your price level, and is only available on select cams. There would be absolutely no confusion if you signed up for Cam Plus Lite.

However, if you were subscribed to the introductory Cam Plus period when first purchasing or enrolling your cam, as @Antonius indicated, those are “First Month Free” subscriptions that automatically convert to Monthly paid subscriptions after the first month.

Also an added variable is how you purchased the cam and the introductory Cam Plus subscription. If you purchased it thru the In App Store tab, your subscription is actually being sold to you and serviced by your Apple App Store and Wyze has zero control over it or how Apple continues to bill for it. All cancellations and customer support for those subscriptions must go thru the Apple App Store Customer Support.

Only when you purchase the cam and subscription directly thru the Wyze Web Site does Wyze have the ability to manage the subscription. In this case, you are able to access, manage, and cancel it directly without the need to cancel your credit card at

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