Wyze Monthly charge

How do I figure out what this monthly charge is for that I see from Wyze?
$3.98 09/15/2021 09/18/2021 WYZE LABS, INC

I am not signed up with any service or subscription. I emailed support a few weeks ago about this and no response. How can I figure out what this is and put a stop? In the Wyze app, I do not have anything in services enabled. - Thanks

In the App go to Account then select Services to see if you are subscribed to any services.

Hi, I had already been there and nothing was checked in services. I was able to get through to support on the phone a few minutes ago, and she said they removed the charge. I’ll find out for sure next month. - Thanks


Did you buy two cameras a month or two ago? If yes, they came with a couple weeks of CamPlus and automatically rolled over to a paid subscription. Happened to lots of us (including me).

That makes sense. I did buy the two additional cameras about 2 months back.