Person detection fee math

if wyze needs 1.48$ /month for person detection to balance the cost, there is NO WAY to stay afloat with $2/month for camplus.
w/ camplus, there are at least 2-3 times more videos and longer ones (i bet an order of magnitude higher), not counting the additional storage cost.

am i right that a disaster is being developed?

You are missing one important difference.

The $1.48 appears to be a “per user account” number based on the average PD user account. Cam plus is per camera.

We don’t know how many cams the average PD user has activated for PD, but it is hard to compare the $1.48 per account for all cams to have PD costs covered on average, and $1.99 per cam to only have that 1 cam covered.

We just can’t compare without now information. They weren’t fully transparent, or transparent enough to draw those type of conclusions, but they were far more transparent than almost any other company ever is. Props on that.

Still, I would’ve rather heard what the estimated cost is per 12 second event and let me figure out my average cost based on that.

I would opt to pay if they would fix it so we could have used the coupon as a Beta tester to play with Cam Plus for free. The coupon never worked and no one would respond about that.

You can try Cam Plus for 14 days every time you add a camera to your account. The trial starts whether you want it to or not.
It doesn’t have to be a new camera. Just remove and add an existing camera.

And the other “important difference” is that a chunk of the CamPlus cost is handling long video storage in addition to the processing required for PD. With Experiment Pricing the 12 second limit and 5 minute “cooldown” blocking period remain.

Its only $2 to play around with it for a whole month if you decide to cancel it. Couple of bucks. 2 of paper. Even cheaper if you decide to keep it and do annual billing. I’ll chip in the 2 dollars myself if you start a gofundme. Post the link.

Just read it. That article didn’t make a single factual error. That is unheard of. :slight_smile:

What coupon? I must be confused.

About a month or so ago, when they released Cam Plus, there was information here which included a Coupon CODE for Beta Testers to use. It was supposed to waive the fee for a period of time. The code never worked.

If Wyze sees value in Beta testers, they should live up to their offers. I have no real use for Cam Plus, but am happy to use it and report my experience here.

I do like the Person tag, which is one reason I purchased the WCO instead of another V2.

How true, I have the same issues with them