Free or not free?

Received an email about signing up for person detection like many others.

I go to sign up and then it suggests paying a amount only to thank me for keeping it free. Keep it free for who when you are asking me to pay?

  • Thank you for supporting the 1.7 million Wyze users on Person Detection. Your donation helps us keep this free.*

Welcome to the Wyze community!
The person detection is based on a pay what you want method. If your account was created before November 26, 2019, you can pay $0 to $100 a month for person detection. If you qualify you have to create a custom amount for $0.
More information here:
If you don’t qualify you’ll have to pay for Cam Plus witch will add person detection videos for $1.99 per camera, per month. If you had CMC then prices might be different.

To answer the question, you are “keeping it free” for those who cannot or simply choose not to pay Wyze for the feature. It’s as simple as that. I can understand how that might be perceived as a slap in the face immediately after having entered your credit card, but they are trying to keep a promise.

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Question wasn’t answered. Yes- Legacy users have a choice in terms of what they pay but newer users do not. So why say they are keeping it free for their 1.7M users? This is a confusing statement and not true

Yes your question was answered by me, and yes their statement is true. Please read it again. The 1.7 million and the “legacy users” are one and the same set of people. They explained to you that these are the ones “on Person Detection”, you see? They (you by paying) are keeping it free for the remaining portion of the original 1.7 million customers who are all currently entitled to free PD and who decline to contribute. You’re welcome.

What happened now cameras have a 5 minute cool down? Thieves con artist now besides all the glitches we don’t get clips anymore and have to pay for each camera! Garbage

The cameras have always had a 5-minute cool down

The most unique competitive advantage for Wyze is not having a monthly fee. Once you go that route, all of the other well entrenched and nationally known brands enter the competition. Wyze needs to partner with a home security system company to provide them cameras. Also Wyze needs to raise prices on their $25 camera. People will pay a premium on the cameras to not have a monthly fee. Sounds like the Finance Department is trying to run the company without the Marketing Department being able to do their job. By the way, I am a “Finance Guy”.

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They will have a home monitoring service in 2021.

I like the idea to have Cam Plus with but what kind of more features that coming in part of the Cam Plus? I have around 10 devices of WYZE Cams around my house to monitors. if 1.99cper camera cost per month is too much to pay for person detect. it shall have just an unlimited camera you have. Just by pay between 5 to 7 bucks for all the cameras. I would consider to buy.
One more things that I always want to have the apps to install into the tablets or laptop and/or into the desktop and easier to see when stay at home or out of town to watch in a bigger screen instead just 4" to 5.5" phone. I also have other brand, they packs 4 to 6 cameras with DVR plus apps in cellphones. We can watch in tablets or laptop while away from home and it’s a bigger screen to watch for all camera at once.

That is how Wyze screwed up in the first place.

They can’t offer something for free for the life of the product since expenses for that cam don’t stop.

Sure, they could charge $100 per cam and that will help them short term, but, they still got the problem of after they used the profit from the $100 then what?

This is why they need a subscription fee so it helps with long term costs associated with the product.

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And to continue in that vein, it was unwise to offer free cloud event recording of any kind, even before person detection existed.

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The whole “No subscriptions” motto was Wyze’s biggest selling point.

They thought they could flood the market with cheap $25 cams, and then when the bills came in for those 2 million+ cams, they just couldn’t grasp how expensive it actually was, and then they tried the guilt trip for asking for help since they couldn’t cover the costs any longer.

Now, they flipped it so they need subscriptions to stay afloat, and they are going further than that in that they want to be a full fledged security company with “professional” monitoring.

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I only use to storage in local and don’t even thinking about their free cloud. it’s exactly right what you mean here. The wifi is poor if I connect all camera and plus other usage in the house hold devices then all the Cams are loosing it’s connection and it won’t work. And can’t get the apps in tablets or Laptop. I am not a fan to use cellphone to watch the cam live mode. I am not sure if the premium is worthen to use it. if they think they will be professional monitoring, then they have to proof if they are really good with outstanding wifi connection. it’s still a long way to be professional monitoring.
Storages in the Micro SD cards is good enough from now. When they really figure out how to make an outstanding wifi and never loose connection like other brand, then I think 10 bucks just for unlimitied cameras. I may consideration later on.

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