New Person detection

So I’m confused. I bought two wyze camera in early 2019, When I got them, person detection worked and was free. Then it didn’t work anymore. Now it’s back and it’s for “wyze2”? Does this mean I have to buy new cameras in order to get person detection again? Or is person detection a fee based option now? Sorry I’m old and not savvy on technology and @WyzeJasonJ are correct! I’ve edited accordingly.

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You don’t have to buy any new cameras! In your case you won’t have to pay for it because your an existing user. you just have to continue to use person detection until September. Then you will have to select $0 if you don’t want to pay.
New users would need to subscribe/pay for Cam Plus. Wyze recently said that they needed to start charging for person detection due to costs. More on that here:

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For legacy users the pay what you want option will happen in September with the 2.13 update.

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Your answer is very misleading.
He does NOT have to subscribe to Cam Plus.

If his account was set up before Nov. 2019 he is eligible for the Pay What You Want plan starting in September.

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You should have the ability to use Person Detection again in September.
We don’t know yet exactly when or how they are going to set it up.