Can Wyze make Person Detection available without Wyze Plus subscription

The title says it.

Person detection is pretty essential - to filter out non-person motion videos.

I have a Ring Cam and Person detection is included - without requiring a subscription.

But not so with Wyze.

Even though Wyze cam is cheaper upfront, with Plus subscription required to get Person Detection in two years the total cost would become higher than a Ring Cam.

So I’m not switching from Ring until Wyze includes person detection without requiring Wyze Plus subscription.

They used to offer it as it was built into the firmware. You will see references to it in many forum topics. You will also see that some individuals will reference Legacy Person Detection, this is the version which was baked into the Firmware. However, they were required to remove it as the vendor supplying the code was bought out by Apple, I believe, and Apple required them to remove it.

Ring is owned by Amazon and have full use of all of their servers and technology. They can offer things like this for free. They tie it all into their Alexa devices for neighborhood watching.

With that said, Wyze has to pay to upload the content to the Amazon servers, process it and then send it back with the results. The cost is minimal, far cheaper than other competitors. I don’t mind paying a yearly subscription which equates to $1 per month for up to 99 cameras. With this I get:

  • Full range of AI processes, which is being added to
  • Continuous recording to both SD Card and Cloud
  • No Cool down between events
  • Soon - Ability to train or add my own AI

There are other features, which you can find in the forums. I for one am happy with what Wyze has provided and continues to provide. I had Ring in the past and experienced issues, which I am sure has been corrected by now, but don’t plan on going back.

I would say, keep checking these forums and maybe one day Wyze will provide what you may be looking for.

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Not quite, no continuous cloud recording.

Also for completeness, legacy cloud based person-only detection still exists for a limited number of users.

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Can’t Wyze process the imaging locally - if SD card is present? This removes the dependency on Cloud costs.

The use of functionality residing on Cloud servers really works against Wyze’s low-cost paradigm, and it impedes performance as well.

I’m not sure I see any available subscription of $1/month for up to 99 cameras for the Person Detection feature. Pls point me to the link on this subscription plan. RIght now it’s like $2/month - per camera.


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Very long story. They could, and did, using 3rd party code. That supplier got bought by Apple and immediately terminated their deal with Wyze. Wyze chose to re-implement on their servers instead, because the cameras are low powered.

I can’t speak to CamPlus but they have had a bulk deal like that, perhaps it was limited time.

True, should have mentioned that.

Not continuous in the true sense, I have had events up to 5 minutes before which did get stored on the cloud. Should have been clear on that. Thanks for pointing this out.

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If you pay a year in advance the membership is 1.25 / month per camera. the $1 for up to 99 camera’s is a test Wyze did. Not sure if it is still available. You can search the forums as some may have provided the link to it.

Here is where the yearly cost is shown at 1.25 per camera if you pay a year:

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