Subscription question for voluntary donation with person detection?

I have just upgraded to cam plus and was sending you $1 a month to help you out with the person detection storage. I am grandfathered into free person detection with the V2 cams.

When I went to cancel my $1 /month charge since I now pay for the cam plus I noticed this:

Does this mean that if I now cancel this voluntary $1 donation that should I decide to cancel my cam plus subscription that my grandfathered person detection will no longer be honored? I assume that I will always have person detection on my V2 cams even if I cancel all my subscriptions but I just need some confirmation/clarification.

Check here:

If you cancel you can’t get it back but you should be able to change the amount.

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That is, your best bet is to keep the plan but change your donation level to $0 until such time as you decide to use it and/or contribute more.

And now there is CamPlus lite…

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Now with cam plus lite, if all cameras on my account will get PD, why not cancel the monthly plan that I have for unlimited cameras? Isn’t cam plus lite doing the same thing, giving me PD on all cameras as long as I maintain a regular cam plus plan on at least one camera?

Cam Plus Lite gives you PD, but your cloud Events (and associated notifications) will be limited to 12 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown period between Events. Regular Cam Plus has no cooldown and no cloud Event limit. You don’t need to maintain a Cam Plus plan to use Cam Plus Lite.


That is what I am getting now for the legacy PD I am paying monthly. I may stand corrected, but all that I have read stated Cam Plus Lite is being given to all Cam Plus subscribers. That tells me I need to maintain at least 1 CP license. I have 6 on CP and 6 on legacy PD (already renamed CPL in the app).

Cam Plus Lite is available to everyone regardless of cam type, existing subscriptions or no subscriptions.

For existing Cam Plus members, Cam Plus Lite will automatically be applied to any cams not on a Cam Plus subscription and any cams on the old legacy PD (Name Your Price plan) will also be automatically upgraded.

If you have no subscription/plan at all, simply opt-in to Cam Plus Lite by Feb 15th for whatever price you choose.

Please read " Frequently Asked Questions" at end of 1st post in announcement thread, We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want.

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Thanks. I’ll read more thread details and FAQs so I can be better informed. A lot more exist than I initially saw when I received the Wyze Founders email.

Maybe I am slow to decipher all these announcements, so please help me out.

I have the following cameras:

  1. Camera A/outdoor with Cam+ (subscribed under “name your own price” at whatever level you asked at the time, paying monthly fees). This includes motion detection, person detection, unlimited video length, no cooldown.
  2. Camera B/v3 (w/spotlight). No C+, no person detection, yes motion detection, 12 sec videos, yes cooldown period.
  3. Camera C/v2. No Ca+, YES person detection, yes motion detection, 12 sec videos, yes cooldown period.

Will you please explain what will happen to each of these if I “upgrade” to Cam+ LITE.

Frankly, this does not sound like an upgrade, except maybe for Camera B.

Additionally, the reasoning behind the forced C+Lite opt-in requirement (in order to continue saving my 12s recordings in the cloud, which is something I already have for Camera B and have no problems with) sounds like an upgrade ploy, not a legitimate concern for users’ who are “flooded with notifications”. This part could’ve been handled much better (e.g. as an opt-in in exchange for ADDING value, not opt-in or you’ll LOSE value). You have a VERY supportive customer base who want to see you succeed. Please don’t insult their intelligence, or they’ll walk away.

Looking forward to your answer.

Thank you!

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Let me see if I can answer this for you,

  1. Cam A - If you are subscribed to Cam Plus and stay with Cam Plus this cam will not change at all
  2. Cam B - This will get auto upgraded to Cam Plus Lite since you subscribe to Cam Plus on Cam A - It will have person detection, motion detection, 12 second videos and a 5- minute cooldown period (basically you get the same thing as before but add person detection)
  3. Cam C - This will get auto upgraded to Cam Plus Lite since you subscribe to Cam Plus on Cam A - It will have person detection, motion detection, 12 second videos and a 5- minute cooldown period. Same as you have now on this cam

Cam Plus Lite is not an upgrade to Cam Plus, in your situation it is, like you said an upgrade to Cam B. Cam Plus subscribers also do not need to ‘opt-in’ they will automatically have their non-Cam Plus cams upgraded to Cam Plus Lite. It also sounds like your ‘Cam C’ was on legacy ‘pay your own price’ person detection. Cam Plus Lite is an upgrade to that as it extends it to cover the newer devices like the v3 that were excluded from Legacy Person Detection. Anyone who is on the Legacy Person Detection will also automatically get switched over to Cam Plus Lite at the same price they opted to pay for Legacy Person Detection.

I hope that helps a bit


thank you for the quick response. this is very clear and easy to understand!
ps- maybe you can take over future product upgrade announcements for yun & co :slight_smile:

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Jason21271 your closing comment answered my questions of what happens to my monthly contribution for legacy PD and why were there so many comments about canceling or changing NYOP donation to $0.00. I’ll stay with my monthly contribution and rethink what I will do when my C+ licenses come up for renewal. Thank you for the “working man’s” explanations.


I totally agree. I somehow missed the announcement (email sent to spam?) and am now trying to figure this out. I find it very confusing. Basically, something I’ve paid for/ am paying for monthly is now going to start acting differently, and I have to take the time to figure out how to use it. Do you have any idea how many person hours world-wide your these changes entail? I’m sorry, after my short time with the Wyze thermostat (not ready for prime time), and lot of experience with the colored light (love them), and owning several cameras – I think it’s time to move on from Wyze. I’ll probably whip up something myself using raspberry pi, so no one outside can change the way my system works.