Introducing Cam Plus - 7/30/20

Hi, everyone!

We wanted to give you more information about Cam Plus. We know that this launch has been a bit bumpy because we caught some unforeseen issues with the site and decided to hold the big announcement until we could resolve those. We know that this added confusion to the community, so we’re taking the opportunity to push part of the website live and to answer some of the questions we’ve been seeing come up about Cam Plus.

We’re super stoked about Cam Plus because this is the service that allows us to put Complete Motion Capture (CMC) and Person Detection together at long last. The standard cost for new users will be $1.99/month/camera or $14.99/year/camera. The cost for users that got automatically upgraded from CMC to Cam Plus will remain at $1.49/month/camera until August 2021. This has been a request from the community since we first launched CMC and we’re glad we can finally provide it for our customers. Cam Plus does not remove the legacy Person Detection plan that was outlined in this post.

For folks that were already subscribed to CMC, you have received a refund for the remaining time in your billing month and been charged for the same time with Cam Plus. This was a necessary part of the migration and you can find more information here.

If you would like to see the marketing page before we do the full announcement, please note that the subscriptions section has a little bit of work still left. As a pro-tip, if you’re planning to upgrade to an annual plan and want to save some money, we’ll be announcing a limited time promo code (hopefully) next week. Here is the link to the page!

Q&A About Cam Plus

  1. Will international customers be able to use Cam Plus? If not, when will they be able to purchase subscriptions?

A. We are looking into this but don’t currently have timelines.

  1. Is there a technical reason that such expensive processing couldn’t be done by a PC on the same LAN?

A. It’s possible but more expensive. Lots of work needed for that.

  1. Why does Person Detection use the cloud rather than being Edge-based now?

A. It isn’t easy to create an Edge solution for these cameras. They have a fraction of the computing capabilities of the cloud.

  1. If I do nothing, will my Wyze Cams still work the way they do now? I do not remember installing Person Detection. But I do get video when something moves in the camera view.

A. Yes, your camera will still work with all the out-of-the-box features if you do not subscribe to Cam Plus or the legacy Person Detection.

  1. I’m going to subscribe to Cam Plus. So when the September update arrives, that means I don’t lose Person Detection, right?

A. Correct, you won’t lose Person Detection if you subscribe to Cam Plus.

  1. Why does Person Detection cost more than regular motion detection?

A. It requires processing power to run the algorithm on the videos and it costs more to do this than to just store videos.

  1. Will Person Detection not work on devices that use microSD cards and not rely on the cloud?

A. No, the person detection algorithm is run in the cloud and will not work on microSD cards. However, you can use the cloud storage and a microSD card if you would like.

  1. What will the pricing be for cloud storage for Wyze Cam Outdoor?

A. Wyze Cam Outdoor is not compatible with Cam Plus at this time but we are working on it for the future.

  1. This has nothing to do with motion detection, correct?

A. Cam Plus is separate from motion detection. Motion detection will trigger the Event video that is saved on the cloud and the Person Detection algorithm is run on the existing video.

  1. Will the cloud-based person detection perform better than the on-camera

A. We’re already seeing a high rate of success. But one of the cool things about a cloud model is that it can be updated separate from firmware updates so improvement can be made more quickly and continuously.

  1. Will you enable PayPal as a payment method for premium services as has been requested multiple times by your overseas customers?

A. This is something we’re looking into but we’re being careful because of legal requirements so we don’t have a timeline at this point.

  1. How are my monthly and annual subscriptions billed? Are they grouped together?

A. Whenever you purchase or adjust the quantity of monthly plans, you are charged a prorated amount and then they fall into the same billing cycle for next month.

Annual plans are billed at the time of purchase and will be processed again the same day each year.

  1. I don’t want Cam Plus and don’t want to have it enabled. How can I opt out of the free trial?

A. You can opt-out of the free trial by disabling it under Services in your Wyze app.


Well plus work on outdoor outdoor cam.


Thank you for all this information!!

You answered a lot of my questions and I’m excited for this new service!

My last question is: is Wyze looking into a bundling plan for multiple cameras on CamPlus? I have 8 camera around my house. I would like them all to have CamPlus. $14.99/year/cam can get expensive. That’s talking over $100 per year. Any way users could bundle and save in the future?

This may attract more people to subscribe more cameras. The more cameras you subscribe to the bigger the discount. Something to think about?



No, CAM Plus does not work on the outdoor cam.

Agreed. A yearly unlimited plan would be great for us users with many cameras. 7 cameras is already $105 per year. Ring’s video storage plan is currently $100 per year for unlimited cameras, plus a few extras. Though I believe their cheapest cam available with person detection is a $99 camera. Meanwhile Blink has a $10 per month subscription for cloud storage with unlimited cameras, but I don’t think they have person detection.


Why did you cancel my CMC subscription? Now I only have the option to sign up to Cam Plus for $1.99 when I had two subscriptions to CMC for $1.49 each.

I’ve been dealing and waiting for support for 3 days now. This should not be difficult. I am extremely aggravated right now. I am also GLAD I didn’t buy an outdoor cam.

This is a mess, and support have been quiet since the 29th.

It’s reallty not hard at all, if you don’t want it you can manage your subscription on the website…

That’s not it at all.

I want it. I had it. I still want it.

But they canceled it with no explanation. I want it back.

But now I can’t get the price I was promised ($1.49/mo per cam), even though I already had it. My only option is to get it at the new $1.99/mo per cam.

When I upgraded my app, it now shows I’m a cam plus member. I didn’t sign up for it and do not want to be charged. I see no option in the app to cancel it. How do I cancel?

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I quickly read through but im extremely confused as I just got my Cam Pan working again and now it says I have a 15 day trial subscription for Cam Plus with Person detection but I’ve always had Person Detection and use a SD CARD so don’t feel I need Cam plus. Did I lose something here? Whats going on? Why is my inexpensive cams starting to become very expensive?! Plus, im Canadian so i don’t think we are even eligible for this from what I just read (very briefly tho)

The updates to Cam Plus and Person Detection have been explained in detail several times in this thread snd others. Look for posts from @WyzeGwendolyn.

We’ll see, I didn’t buy all these cams to scour message boards for hidden paywalls so…
turned the garbage feature off anyways and will switch to an honest type of company. Thanks for your help.


You’ve got a 15 day trial on a product you don’t want. Turn it off.
WYZE does not have any payment (credit card) info for you do they?
If you were using PD before November 2019 you can continue to use it.
In September you may be asked to pay for PD but we can choose how much we are willing to pay including $0.
Since you are Canadian and WYZE doesn’t sell to Canadians we really can’t pay for PD anyway.


I haven’t think about it.

That is not true one bit at all, I’ve been paying for Complete motion capture for the least year and now have been paying for Cam Plus since last week, I live in Canada, I even have the outdoor coming in less then a month. :canada:

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Just going by @WyzeGwendolyn 's answer to this question.


WYZE is shippig to you in Canada?

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No I used a reship service for the outdoor cam, but for my sensors and 3 v2s those all came from Amazon