Partial CMC and Partial Cam Plus

I have 20 cams. All are getting person detection through the name-your-price promo.

Currently I am paying one fee/price per month which covers ALL my cams. I’m looking at getting the Cam Plus but they charge a monthly fee PER CAM so that’s a lot for 20 cams. I only need the Cam Plus features for 2 cams.

If I sign up to the Cam Plus feature for only the two cams, will I lose CMC/person detection for all the rest of the cams?

No you won’t. Also CMC is the old name for CamPlus, not the legacy / experiment / claim your price Person Detection only service.


To add on to what @Customer said, you can also use the annual(year) plan. The annual plan is $23.88 a year per camera, but it’s currently on sale for $14.99!

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