Name your price vs. Cam Plus

I’m a bit confused.

I received a “name your price” email and I see that for as low as $1.48 per month I can get person detection, which I already seem to have.

I also see that Cam Plus is only $1.25 per month when billed annually. Doesn’t Cam Plus provide more capability than just Person Detection? If there’s an explanation somewhere can someone kindly point me to it?


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I believe cam plus is per camera, person detection is per account.



Exactly as @towelkingdom said. CamPlus is sold as 1-License=1-Device. You can move it from device to device at any time but each license can only be on one device at a time. You can buy multiple licenses though. The ‘name your price’ plan covers every device in your account for the one fee that you choose.

The difference between the two:
CamPlus - You get person detection, full length videos (not limited to the 12-seconds) and the 5-minute cool down is removed.
‘Name your Price’ Legacy Person Detection - You get person detection but you are still subject to the 12-second video with 5-minute cool down limitation.


Also worth noting, the “as low as” is actually $0 for “name your price” for accounts created before 11/2019.

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Does anyone know if those upgrades are available on the original Wyze Cam? The announcement seems to only mention the Wyze Cam v2 and the Wyze Cam Pan.

Just what is in the email. Does not apply to the Outdoor cam either.

Hmmm, I wonder why I received the email then if it does not apply to my version…? Hopefully the original Wyze Cam will not be rendered obsolete.

Because of the age of your account. You qualify for free PD for all V2s or Pan Cams you ever add to your account. If you’re sticking with Wyze you should consider the offer.

PD? Parcel delivery?

Yes. I mean no. Person Detection, the subject of this and many other threads.