A Little Clarity On All of Your Camera Services

I’m confused and wonder who else is as well. At last count, Wyze offers the following add-on (camera) services:

  • Person detection, paid
  • Person detection, name your own price (grandfathered)
  • Cam Plus
  • Monitoring

Did I forget anything? Ok, here are my questions:

  • If I have Person Detection (paid or grandfathered), do I need Cam Plus or is it redundant?
  • If I pay for Cam Plus, do I need to pay for Person Detection?
  • If I have Cam Plus, do I need Monitoring or is it redundant?
  • If I pay for Monitoring, do I need to pay for Cam Plus or Person Detection?

Maybe Wyze should create one of the those comparison grids that shows the name of the service, features of each service, and what they cost.

Just person detection is no longer offered. Those that have it, have it, and can name their own price (for all applicable cameras on account). It provides just person detection (V1, V2, and Pan cams only - its not compatible with outdoor, V3, or anything not yet released)

CamPlus is the replacement for everything and currently includes person detection as well as full cloud recording (as opposed to 12 second clips in five minute intervals) and will soon include vehicle, pet, and other detections. The camplus fee is per camera.

Monitoring is only for the security system, but it includes one camplus license.

As for if you want CamPlus over legacy person detection, thats personal preference. If you’re happy with just person alerts within the 12 second every five min clips, then its not really needed. If you want more cloud coverage and additional types of alerts then CamPlus is there.

I have 12 cams at various locations and only have CamPlus on one because its high traffic.

For the record, this variant never existed. It was free.

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joedel123: Clearly explained and well done - much appreciated. Your tip on only having 1 CamPlus license on a high-traffic cam was spot on and a great suggestion. Thanks!!

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